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Time:Aug 4th, 2020

What is the sealing design of belt Conveyor idlers used in coal miner

The performance of conveyor idlers depends on the sealing structure of idlers. A good sealing structure plays a vital role in the performance of idlers and even the whole conveyor system. Grease lubrication is mainly used for the idler of belt conveyor used in coal mine.
The idler is mounted on the radial end of the rotating shaft. There are many annular rectangular sealing teeth and grooves of the external sealing ring. When the shaft rotates, the external sealing ring and the shaft rotate at the same time, the external sealing ring and the external sealing ring will produce a relative rotation. When the gas from one sealing tooth and groove to the next sealing tooth and groove, it will expand due to the different movement speed, and there will be violent vortex phenomenon. Most of the energy of the airflow is converted into heat and dissipated, and the gas pressure drops step by step, thus achieving the sealing effect.
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For the belt conveyor used in coal mines, it generally works in the underground where the environment is very bad for a long time. Due to the poor fluidity of the underground air, the air is humid, and there are many pollutants such as dust and coal dust. While the capacity of belt conveyor is larger, conveyor idler arrangement is more, but considering that in order to ensure the normal order of the conveyor belt continuous operation, must be strictly controlled conveyor belt of prolapse degree. Therefore, for each section or two idlers set, the weight of each idler is relatively small, and due to the small rotation speed of the idler, the idler's operating condition is low speed and light load. Before the idler of a belt conveyor gets stuck or is worn out by the moving conveyor belt, there will be a process in which the idler bearing sounds and the idler turns and does not turn at the time.
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Possible causes:
1. Caused by outside rain, dust or debris entering the bearing cavity;
2. Due to grease overflow, there is no grease in the cavity, resulting in dry grinding
The life of belt conveyor idlers mainly depends on the life of bearings, and the life of bearings depends on whether there is good lubrication. If the seal design of the idler is not reasonable or the seal is worn in work, it will easily cause water, mud and dust in the closed cavity where the bearing is installed, which will accelerate the wear of the bearing in the idler, thus leading to the premature scrap of idler.
The lip seal of self-compensating spring pressure ring is installed to compensate for the relative wear between the lip seal and shaft for longer service life. Idler sealing on the sealing effect of it, effectively prevent the loss of lubricant and harmful substances, can ensure the bearing lubrication without harmful foreign body under the state of work, the life of the bearing will be longer, greatly improving the service life of conveyor idler, which reduces the overall failure rate and maintenance cost, it has significant economic benefits.
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