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Time:Oct 27th, 2020

You want to know the corrugated sidewall belt conveyor belt deviation reason analysis and solution

corrugated sidewall belt conveyor is a large tilt angle, using a wave-shaped side conveyor belt transport scheme. There are some problems in the process of use, such as belt deviation, belt slip and so on. Here will be a detailed answer to the use of the belt conveyor in the process of belt deviation. Among the reasons of belt deviation in
1.corrugated sidewall belt conveyor, the main reason is that the installation time frame is not correct. Roll reduction and roller installation did not meet the design requirements. After the belt deviation, the adjustment personnel level is mixed, which causes the belt deviation problem and the continuous deterioration
2. The second reason for the corrugated sidewall belt conveyor belt deviation is that the belt tightening device is not adjusted well, which leads to the imbalance of the drum and the continuous deviation of the belt during operation.
3. belt conveyor has a certain elasticity after running for a period of time. In the long run process, the belt tension will decrease, cause the belt to relax and cause the belt to run off.
4. deviation caused by uneven distribution of mineral materials. If the belt does not run off when idling, the heavy load runs off, indicating that the distribution of ore on both sides of the belt is uneven. The uneven distribution of ore is mainly caused by the incorrect falling direction and position of ore. If the ore is biased to the left, the belt runs to the right and vice versa.
5. deviation caused by vibration in operation. The mechanical vibration of belt machine is inevitable. The faster the belt runs, the greater the vibration and the greater the belt deviation. In the belt machine, the vibration caused by the radial runout of the roller has the greatest influence on the belt deviation. If we ignore the above problems, it will cause extremely serious consequences to the corrugated sidewall belt conveyor. For example, the system failure and shutdown caused by belt deviation will affect the efficiency of production.
1.When the belt deviation reaches a certain level, The belt triggers an emergency stop for anti-bias, Causes the operating system to shut down, Affect the production process.
2. cause abnormal damage to the main parts of the equipment. First, The belt deviation increases the axial force of roller and roller, Cause roller shaft, roller bearing damage; Second, The belt deviation causes the material to fall on the return belt, Cause abnormal wear of belt and roller, The service life of roller and belt is shortened; Besides, Abnormal friction between the running belt and the support, cause belt edge wear, It affects its service life.
3. easy to form safety risks. Because of the belt deviation, Causes the belt to roll the material, Causes the belt unilateral force to exceed the belt longitudinal tensile force, Thus causing belt transverse tear and other safety risks.
4. pollution, Affect the quality of conveying materials. Materials often cause coal dust during sprinkling and cleaning, Pollution of the environment; Meanwhile, Material sprinkling also affects the quality of the delivered goods.
corrugated sidewall belt conveyor
So, for the belt deviation we must pay attention to the following solution:
1. Check that the two corresponding planes of the roller seat are on the same plane, Connectors can be used to check whether the elevation of the two planes is the same. The flatness and the difference between the hole spacing and diagonal length on both sides of the bearing seat.
2. The corresponding working surface elevation difference of all mounting rollers is not greater than 2.0 mm. the straightness of the frame is 1% c, of the full length the difference of diagonal length is not greater than the average length of two diagonal lines. Check and adjust the straightness of the center line of the frame, install the long roller in the original main, slave rolling, upper and lower steering rolling, etc. The straightness of the center line of the frame is checked by the drawing method, the thin line is fixed at the midpoint of the long roller in the original installation active rolling position, and the end of the line is fixed at the midpoint of the long roller in the original installation driven rolling position with counterweight. The thin line is the center line of the frame.
3.Check the length deviation of the midpoint and center line of each steering drum, belt press wheel, belt wheel, long roller, return double roller, etc. Adjust the position of transmission drum and reverse roller. The adjustment of transmission drum and reversing drum is an important part of belt deviation adjustment. The installation position of all rollers must be perpendicular to the center line of the length direction of the belt conveyor. For the head roller, if the belt deviates to the right side of the roller, the right bearing seat should move forward, and the belt to the left side of the roller, the left bearing seat should move forward. The corresponding left bearing seat can also be moved backward or the right bearing seat backward. The adjustment method of the tail drum is the opposite of the head drum.
inclined belt conveyor
4. tension adjustment. The adjustment of belt tension is a very important part of belt conveyor deviation adjustment. In addition to perpendicular to the length of the belt, the two directional rollers in the upper part of the tension of the heavy hammer should also be perpendicular to the gravity vertical line, that is, to ensure the horizontal axis of the axis. When screw tensioning or hydraulic cylinder tensioning is used, the two bearings of the tensioning drum should be translated at the same time to ensure that the roller axis is perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the belt. The specific adjustment method of belt deviation is similar to that of roller. This method can effectively eliminate the belt deviation caused by belt relaxation and frame skew. Above is our detailed analysis and concrete solution to the corrugated sidewall belt conveyor belt deviation problem. For more information about our products, visit our website: www.exctmach.com
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