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Time:Oct 28th, 2020

Do you know what kind of chain the apron feeder has

Apron feeder is a kind of equipment to transport materials through the chain bearing phosphorus plate. The chain plays a vital role in the apron feeder.According to the different classification of apron feeder, the chain used is different, the selection of the chain has a greater impact on the overall performance and equipment cost, the need for a more detailed calculation of the tension of the chain, through analysis and calculation to adjust and reduce the tension of the chain, in order to choose the appropriate chain.
For heavy apron feeder, reducing the tension of the chain is very important to the design cost of the whole machine and the design, selection and matching of parts. It is directly related to the selection of the chain, motor, reducer, hydraulic system and other external accessories. It also has a direct impact on the design strength and stiffness of the whole machine.The most direct and effective way to reduce chain tension is to control the thickness of heavy apron feeder.
Light and medium apron feeder chains usually use sleeve roller chains with pitch series of 200mm, 250mm, 315mm, 400mm.The strength test shall be carried out on the conveying chain, and the breaking load shall not be less than 7 times of the load traction force. The length tolerance of the conveying chain shall be 0.25% of the nominal length of the chain within the measuring range of 3m or so chain length
Chain material: alloy structural steel chain model: 160.200.250 pin shaft material: 40Cr, chain plate material: 40Mn Treatment: after quenching medium tempering surface hardness: HRC36 ~ 42
apron feeder chain
Heavy duty apron feeder chains usually use caterpillar chain.
The chain breaking tensile test should be carried out on the tensile machine. Each test should be conducted with at least three pitches of the chain to ensure the pure tensile force without other additional effects. The chain breaking tensile force should not be less than 5 times of the working tensile force.
Chain model: 203mm, 216mm, 228mm Chain material: 35MnB Treatment: quenching and tempering high frequency.
Cautions for the use of apron feeder chain
1. When purchasing the chain, it is necessary to check whether the pitch is the same.
2. During the normal operation of the feeder, it is necessary to check whether the lubricating oil on the chain meets the use requirements.
3. Check the tightness of the chain regularly to ensure it can work normally.

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