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Time:Mar 9th, 2019

New Year, EXCT With a New Journey

New year, new journey! New year, new dream! With many orders at home and abroad, EXCT starts the New Year’s journey.
Beginning of the new year, EXCT with an endless orders. Especially from the abroad orders, some of the project we are implementing recently include:
1.Vietnam Cement Plant Bucket Elevator Project
A cement plant in Vietnam, has order 5 belt bucket elevators from our company, these bucket elevators are mainly used to transport raw material. the Vietnam customer is a very famous cement plant in the local. This project has began before the Spring Festival and it’s going on now!
2.Philippines Belt Conveyor Project
4 belt conveyors was ordered by Philippine, and the Philippine projects is used in port. After the communication between the sales engineer and the customer, through the technical engineer’s design of the belt conveyor’s field work, the two project were finally completed and put into production before the end of 2018.
belt conveyor
3.Australia Vibratory Separator Project
Several vibratory separator was ordered by Australia used in food industry. As we all know, food is related to people’s health and even life, so it has a high demand to the material of vibratory separator, the vibratory separator equipment must be food grade stainless steel 304 material or 316 material. And the spare part contact with the material is not allowed to have impurity pollution, so rubber accessories must also meet the food grade health standards. These equipment are producing now according their requirements .
vibrating screen
Many orders, they are not listed here. Whatever, EXCT is making efforts to product for the clients through doing well in every detail, bettering the procedure, improving the process, and pursuing high quality. 
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