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Time:Jan 26th, 2019

The Belt Sway Switch was Delivered to The United Arab Emirates

Last week,30 pieces belt sway switch offered by EXCT were delivered to The United Arab Emirates. These belt sway switches will be used for belt conveyor system in cement plant.
belt sway switch
The United Arab Emirates customer is one of the wings of Al Jazeera Factories and also is another innovative establishment as the first manufacturer of Lime based products in Abu Dhabi and only the second in the entire UAE, where Al Jazeera Factory for Construction Materials-Abu Dhabi and Delmon AAC Factory-Dubai are other two members of the group. The United Arab Emirates customer has a integrated belt conveyor system for cement plant, the belt conveyor system needs matching belt sway switch. Through the customer’s screening, EXST was identified as the final supplier. As we all know, belt sway switch can offer the alarm signal effectively and prevent the belt deviate, twist and even overturn. Even it is a small part in belt conveyor, it plays a important role in the protection of the whole machine.so be careful in choice is necessary.
Through communicating about the detail technical question between EXCT engineers and the customer, the final order type and the other follow-up work were determined.Last week, the production packaging was finished and was delivered to The Arab Emirates. 
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