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Time:Jan 12th, 2019

The Conveyor Idler Specimen Applied to Port Was Delivered to the Third-party Institution for Testing

Last week, through logistics management specialists confirm with the third-party testing institution, these conveyor idler applied to the dock finally be delivered to Singapore for the third-party testing.
conveyor idler
According to customer’s requirement three types of conveyor idler specimen offered by EXCT was delivered to Singapore. Singapore customer is a very famous engineering company in the local. What’s more, Singapore customer has a big market in the field of belt conveyor system of southeast Asia. Last month, they participate in a bid project in Malaysia’s port project. Because the conveyor idler used in port is more demanding than used in other industries, through prepeated detailed technical communication between EXCT’s engineers and the customer, the customer accept EXCT conveyor idler sealing and advanced production technology, EXCT was selected by the customer as one of the three candidate suppliers. Considering that there are many types and qualities of conveyor idler required for this port belt conveyor project, so the customer requires the supplier to provide mainly conveyor idler specimen before mass production. About those conveyor idler specimen, the customer will entrusts the third-party testing institution to carry out the test, and the final supplier will be decided through the test results. After receiving the notice of specimen production from the third-party testing institution and the customer. In order to ensure a scientific, detailed and complete process before production, our factory immediately organized the process engineers and the front-line workers to conduct detail decomposition of the requirements of idlers in this project , Which is sent to the production workshop for production, and then the conveyor idler specimen production task is completed within 5 days.
conveyor idler
Within the time specified by the third-party testing institution, we completed the conveyor idler specimen, and our logistics management specialists were responsible for packing and shipping as according to the requirement. Because there is a complete quality control system, whether we make conveyor specimen now or mass production in the future, EXCT guarantee that the specimen of the conveyor idler we made is completely consistent with the product we will produce in the future. 
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