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Time:Dec 4th, 2018

Russian Customers visited EXCT for Silica Sand Belt Conveyor System Inspect

11th November , Russian customers who has been ordered two silica sand belt conveyors visited EXCT for inspection and acceptance. the sales manager and quality control engineer give them a warm reception . With the company of sales manager and engineer they visit our factory.
By the midmorning, sales manager and Russian had set off for our factory to get more detail about the products and equipment’s processing . The two belt conveyors ordered by the Russian customer is used to convey silica sand ,one of the belt conveyor’s size is B800-124m and another is B-800-420m . During visit, under the gaze of customers and attendants, our electrical engineer tested the belt conveyor’s driving device. what’s more, our consignor and the customers checked the equipment’s quantity. After finishing it, they came to the company, and our technical engineer communicated deeply about the relevant question raised by the customers and confirmed the delivery date.
Through this visit, Russian customer express that they are satisfied with the product quality and gave a high evaluation. It is inseparable that offer high quality equipment is what we have always uphold and promote the concept. At the last ,they states the attitude and point out they deems EXCT a reliable partner and friends and would like to further enhance existing friendship and sound cooperation relations between the two companies.
Russian Customers visited EXCT for Silica Sand Belt Conveyor System Inspect
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