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Time:Oct 27th, 2018

Vietnam dry mix mortar production line formally put into operation

The Vietnam dry mix mortar production line contracted by EXCT was officially put into operation in August 2018. The production line is configured as DMMZ60 dry mortar production line. It can produce 300,000 tons of dry powder mortar per year.
Dry Mix Mortar Production Line
In addition to the conventional configuration, the dry mix mortar production line is equipped with a mechanism sand device. The efficiency is 40 tons per hour. The core mixing device is a 6-party gravityless mixer. The production line is equipped with 2 material storage silos of 330m3 size and 4 storage silos of powder. 2 bulk silos with a size of 35m3 and 3 bucket elevators.
The following are the basic precautions for dry mix mortar production line:
1. Dry mix mortar production line equipment must strictly start of empty machine.
2. After starting the equipment, pay attention to the working direction of the equipment, whether it is consistent with the specified direction, otherwise it will cause damage to the equipment.
3. In order to ensure the safety of the personnel in the production process, the control switches of each device must be protected against leakage.
4. After the dry mix mortar production line is put into use, it must be regularly maintained to improve the working efficiency of the equipment and increase the service life of the equipment.
5. The installation site must choose a place that is easy to ventilate and dry, and keep the surrounding clean.
6. To extend the life of the motor of the dry mix mortar production line, the equipment power supply must be grounded during operation. After the device is turned on, it takes 5-10 minutes to idle the heat engine, and there are no abnormal phenomena when heat engine for production use.
7. Non-professionals are strictly prohibited from testing and repairing equipment and debugging work.
8. The whole set of equipment belongs to the gap mixing equipment. Note that the single workload cannot exceed the specified amount of equipment.
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