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Time:Jul 27th, 2020

Renewed strength in the international market, 12 belt weigh feeder of EXCT are exported to Sri Lanka

In April this year, Henan Excellent Machinery Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred as EXCT) International Trade Department have received the purchase demand for 12 belt weigh feeders from a cement factory in Sri Lanka.
After in-depth understanding of the customer's technical requirements for belt weigh feeder, our colleagues from Department of International Trade and Technology have developed scientific, complete and detailed technical solutions for our customers. The client's engineering and technical staff conducted a strict review of EXCT's technical solution and made technical clarification on the problematic details in the solution. Finally, at the end of May, the customer placed an order for 12 belt weigh feeders with EXCT.
belt weigh feeder
The belt weigh feeder ordered by the customer is used in the cement finished product packaging system, which needs to weigh the bagged cement, so the belt weigh feeder has a very high requirement on the weighing accuracy. To meet this requirement, EXCT has equipped the belt weigh feeder with the METTLER TOLEDO weighing sensor. Under the condition of ensuring the production quality, through the unremitting efforts of factory colleagues, the production task was completed 10 days in advance. At the end of June, 12 belt weigh feeders have been packed and shipped to Qingdao port for shipment to Sri Lanka.
Because of the complexity of electrical control system of belt weigh feeder, EXCT not only provides the installation instructions for belt weigh feeder, but also send electrical after-sales service engineers to guide the on-site installation and debugging, and train the customer's staff. However, due to the increasing impact of COVID-19 on the world, countries have imposed strict immigration restrictions, making EXCT unable to send after-sales engineers to serve customers at site. In order to avoid problems in the later installation, commissioning and maintenance process, colleagues from EXCT International Trade department and after-sales engineers recorded an English teaching video for the customer. The video included matters needing attention in the installation, commissioning and maintenance process, as well as possible problems and solutions. After receiving the video, the customer spoke highly of EXCT's service attitude.
belt weigh feeder
EXCT weigh feeder has the advantages of stable operation, high reliability, high measuring accuracy, can work normally in a harsh environment, suitable for building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, grain and other industries of bulk materials battering and measuring, which is the ideal measuring equipment achieving automatic control and stable product quality.
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