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Time:Apr 15th, 2020

EXCT's responsibility and actions during the COVID-19

In the full implementation of the national epidemic prevention and control of policy decisions, Henan Excellent Machinary Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as EXCT) actively responded to the epidemic situation, carried out a variety of prevention and control methods for epidemic prevention knowledge publicity, guided the staff to obey the epidemic prevention and control management work. While focusing on the prevention and control of the epidemic, our company steadily promoted the orderly resumption of production and work of all projects to mitigate the impact of the epidemic.
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With the approval of the local government and the cooperation of relevant units, EXCT carried out the comprehensive resumption of work. The prevention and control work during the outbreak is a required course for every enterprise. In order to promote the resumption of work and production, the company had a detailed understanding of the preparation of the project and the resumption of work plan by means of video link, asked about the problems and difficulties faced by the project to resume work and production, actively coordinated and solved the problems, made preparations and plans for the resumption of work, implemented the epidemic prevention and control measures, and ensured the safety and order of the resumption of work and production. In accordance with the epidemic prevention and control requirements, relevant departments insisted on preparing epidemic prevention materials such as mask, thermometer and disinfectant. Company staff are required to conduct daily temperature checks and given masks, the workplace need to be disinfected regularly. Relevant personnel actively cooperated with the local government to conduct statistical investigation on the travel information of returning personnel and arrange quarantine of returning personnel. In addition, the company adjusted the centralized repast to separate meals in boxes and hand out the meals by special persons, so as to avoid personnel gathering, ensure the safety of employees' dining, and implement epidemic prevention measures into every step of daily work and life. At present, the important positions have returned to work, the company staff are wearing masks on duty, and maintaining the distance of more than 1.5 meters each other.
EXCT is willing to work with our customers, friends and people in the world to fight against the epidemic. We will continue to provide you with the equipment you need, so as to provide strong support for your normal life and production.
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