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Time:Jun 20th, 2020

The conveyor roller order from African customers

At the end of March this year, we received new batch order of conveyor roller from African customers. Although the epidemic was quite serious at that time, in order not to affect the normal production, the workers have to work overtime while protecting themselves well. After more than one month's efforts, the conveyor rollers have been produced in the end of May, and arranged for delivery already. It is expected to reach the end-user site in early July.
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The customer is a famous mining company in Africa, which owns many open pit mines and has a great demand for spare parts of equipment every year. They contacted us in July last year and expressed their interest in our conveyor rollers and pulleys. Therefore, we started the preliminary technical and business communication. As we all know, the belt conveyor is very strict with its spare parts. In particular, conveyor rollers and pulleys require technical specifications and drawings to be fully consistent with the original equipment. But the belt conveyor system currently in operation at the customer site is provided by Indian company, the technical standard, specification and size of the conveyor rollers are not the same as those of China standard. Therefore, our engineers have communicated with the technical personnel of the end user for many times before confirming the final drawing and technical detail. In the middle of September last year, the customer placed a small batch sample order for multiple models of conveyor rollers and pulleys.
The small sample orders of conveyor rollers and pulleys was delivered to the site in January this year. After installation and use, the end users were very satisfied with the samples. Therefore, in March 2020, the customer placed another large batch of conveyor rollers orders.
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EXCT conveyor rollers has the following advantages:
1.Supply the various sizes of steel conveyor rollers to meet customers' require.
2.Automatic simultaneous welding, CNC milling of bearing housings.
3.Use cold drawn round steel with high surface accuracy as the shaft material.
4.Adopt precision deep-groove ball bearing of international well-known brand.
5.The conveyor roller has good dynamic and static balance performance.
6.Low conveyor roller drag and friction to protect the belt.
7.Uniquely labyrinth seals design for definitely water/dust proof.
8.Low total indicated runout (T.I.R.), Less vibration.
9.Making sure long lifetime operation.
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