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Time:Feb 10th, 2020

Everyone in EXCT returned to our posts and started working

Today is 10th February, 2020. My EXCT colleagues and I came back to work!
As we know, due to the Spring Festival holiday and Wuhan pneumonia (NCP) influence, we stayed at home from 21st January to the end of the holiday yesterday. In this period of time, we may not be able to respond to your requirement in time,therefore, we are deeply sorry for this.
Everyone in EXCT returned to our posts and started working
2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)is very infectious, but only wuhan and its surrounding cities have been affected. This is because the Chinese government has taken super strong prevention and control measures.This is not only responsible for the Chinese people but also for all humans. “2019-nCoV are heartless but people are sentient”. When our wuhan compatriots were attacked by the 2019-nCoV, many many many angel in white and doctors from all over the country set out for wuhan. When the disaster came, we were moved by the most beautiful medical workers. At the same time, we are also moved by ourselves.Because we strictly abide by the government's prevention and control regulations, resolutely stay at home and actively cooperate with various protective measures.
We firmly believe that our government can lead us to defeat the 2019-nCoV
We firmly believe that the power of the whole nation can defeat the 2019-nCoV
We firmly believe that our friends and customers will work together with us to defeat the difficulties.
Winter will pass! spring will come......
Now, all of our colleagues have returned to our posts and started working. If you have any questions or requirement, please tell us! My colleagues and I will do our best to provide our services.
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