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Time:Jan 18th, 2020

Chinese Spring Festival is coming

It is said that in ancient China there was a monster called "Nian", with a long angle on head. "Nian" deep in the seabed, every years to New Year's eve just climbed out, swallowed cattle damage lives. So every New Year's eve, the villagers, are together fled to the mountains, to escape the "Nian" injury. It was New Year's eve again, and the villagers, as in previous years, were busy packing their things and preparing to flee to the mountains. At this time, a white-haired old man came to the east of the village. The white-haired old man said to an old woman that as long as he stayed at her house for one night, he would drive away the "Nian" monster. The people do not believe, the old woman advised him to elude in the mountain, but the old man insisted to stay, the people cannot persuade him not to stay, and they went to the mountain to escape.
       When the monster “Nian” as usual ready to break into the village, suddenly came the sound of firecrackers, the monster shivered, no longer dare to move forward. Originally, “Nian” was most afraid of red, fire and explosions. At this time, the door is wide open, only to see an old man wearing red robes in the yard laughing, “Nian” was shocked and fled in panic.
        The next day, when people from the mountains back to the village, found the village safe and sound, they suddenly realized, the old man with white hair is the immortal to help everyone to expel “Nian”. At the same time, people have also discovered three magic weapons for white-haired old people to drive away “Nian” monster. From then on, every New Year's eve, every family put up red couplets, set off firecrackers. This custom spread more and more widely, has become the most solemn Chinese folk traditional festival---the Spring Festival. Now, the Spring Festival is a joyous festival for our people, which symbolizes unity and prosperity, and people place their hopes on the New Year.
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spring festival

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