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Time:Jan 11th, 2020

The After-sales engineer to Vietnam

Xin xiang, Henan, January 10, 2020/ Henan Excellent Machinary Co., Ltd/
In October in 2019, our sale personnel and technological engineer had a discussion with the end user of Vietnam cement plant, and determined the technological proposal, and the end user has ordered two sets of TDG400 belt bucket elevator. After the 45 days of production, the two bucket elevators were ready to be shipped to Vietnam. At the end of December, the two bucket elevators have arrived at the site, our After-sales service engineer Mr. Sun was invited to Vietnam to carry out the work of installation, commissioning ,training and so on.
Công Ty TNHH Siam City Cement has become over the years the leading cement producer and waste management in the South of Vietnam. The company has more than a 1,100 employees working on 5 different cement production sites in South Vietnam as well as RMX in the greater HCMC area. Công Ty TNHH Siam City Cement has already listed itself into a prominent name in the building materials industry, spanning its operations in different parts of the South East Asia region. The Company manufactures the “INSEE” branded, cement, construction aggregates and solutions which are marketed in Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, in addition to Thailand where it is one of the market leaders.
bucket elevator
From 20th,December 2019 to 2th,January 2020, the specific work of our After-sales service engineer on site is as follows:
1.When he arrived at the site, the first step is to check whether the site has the installation conditions and the equipment is complete;
2.When everything was ready, he supervised the installation work of the installation company, examined the problems after installation, and solved these problems effectively, then conducted the loading test. And through everyone's efforts, the loading test of belt bucket elevator achieved the one time success;
3.Finally, the maintenance personnel and technical staff were called together and trained related knowledge, including the equipment basic knowledge, the equipment routine maintenance and the solutions to common faults.
The trainees enjoyed the great benefit from this training, many compliment was given to our after-sales engineer Mr. Sun.
bucket elevator
In the past five years, our company, Henan Excellent Machinary Co., Ltd has offered dozens of equipment for Vietnam and were well received locally. Therefore, in addition to the supervision of installation work, Mr. Sun also had other tasks need to be done. There were still one cement plants and three cement grinding stations need equipment modification and on-site mapping in Vietnam. These local plants used to apply chain bucket elevator, however, due to the bad working condition, frequent use and high working intensity of bucket elevator, the phenomenon of chain fracture appeared so frequently, which was not only increase the cost of maintenance, but also affect the efficiency of production. However, the cost of replacing the whole machine was very high, after discussion and for saving cost, the customer determined to remain some parts and transform the chain bucket elevator into belt bucket elevator. Mr. Sun and the engineer of end user carried out on site mapping of the site bucket elevator, and recorded the data. Mr. Sun worked out the preliminary transformation plan through full consultations with the end user and gained appreciation from the end user. During working process, Mr. Sun overcome the differences between Chinese and Vietnam diets and work hard day after day. He gave careful and patient explanation and guidance to every problem he encountered, which deeply moved the customers.
After returned to company, Mr. Sun further communicated with our technical staff, worked out the final transformation plan and sent to the end user. Finally, the transformation plans of the first batch of eight bucket elevators has passed and the customer made the order.
Beside the bucket elevator, we are also professional manufacturer for belt conveyor, apron feeder, pan conveyor, scraper chain conveyor, screw conveyor etc. They all can be used in cement plant. Henan Excellent Machinary Co., Ltd can provide satisfactory post-sale support for our customers, including to offer installation guideline and commissioning at site,supply the on-site-training about daily maintenance and security,take initiative to eliminate urgent troubles rapidly at site,and send engineers if needed.
Further information, please visit: https://www.exctmach.com/ 
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