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Time:Jan 6th, 2020

An attempt to add wire rope on the belt of belt bucket elevator

In recent years, the high efficiency bucket elevator adopted steel cord belt as the traction part solved the issues above, which provides an important step on the technology of belt bucket elevator. But the high price of steel cord belt makes the cost of belt bucket elevator multiplying. It is one of the issues of common concern of researchers and users that how to dramatically increases the transport capacity and reliability of belt bucket elevator with a little cost augment.
As a traction part of belt bucket elevator, the strength of the ordinary rubber conveyor belt limit the transport capacity and the lift height of belt bucket elevator. There are the following factors that affect the force and service life of the belt during actual use.
belt bucket elevator
1.To prevent the deviation of rubber belt, driving drum and tension pulley generally make
drum-shaped and are heave in the middle, which cause a weight imbalance of rubber belt.
2.Both of fixing the hopper and the joint by drilling on the belt weaken the strength of the belt greatly.
3.The users adjust the tensile force too large in the using process in most cases.
4.It often makes the materials accumulate in the bottom of belt bucket elevator and cause blocking and increase the large stress on the belt when there is no special feeding equipment to feed the bucket elevator.
5.The strength of rubber belt will be reduced due to the elongation of the plastic deformation of rubber belt by the force at work.
Therefore, the longitudinal tearing load of rubber belt must be improved in order to improve the transport capacity and the lift height of belt bucket elevator, especially the service life and reliability of rubber belt .
The function of adding steel wire rope to the belt
Tensile strength of belt generally was increased by adding the number of plies of canvas belt in the condition of constant bandwidth. But with the increase of the number of plies of canvas belt, the bending stress of bypassing the roller also increases, which will reduce the service life of belt, so the effect of increasing the number of plies of canvas belt is not satisfactory. The method of adding steel wire rope to the belt has been adopted, which utilize the characteristics of steel cord of high strength, small elongation and strong flexibility to bear the major traction in the operation of device, so that the function of belt changes from supporting the hopper and bearing all the traction to supporting the fixed hopper. The steel cord is arranged symmetrically on both sides of the belt and fasten the steel wire rope to the belt with the press plate. The joint of steer cord was tighten with a rope clip, and Joints should stagger each other longitudinally. Because of the high strength, the elongation of steel wire rope is far small than rubber belt. When belt bucket elevator works, the major traction is taken by steel wire rope.
During the transformation of rubber belt and steel wire rope, the following problems should be noted:
1.Choosing less layers of tape as far as possible;
2.The rubber belt should be pre-stretched before installation;
3.The tightness of the wire rope placed symmetrically should be as consistent as possible.
4.Checking the fastening bolts on the traction member every shift.
This simple improvement is feasible, can greatly improve the operating reliability of belt bucket elevator, is a good way to transform belt bucket elevator.
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