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Time:Jan 7th, 2020

How to run Z type bucket elevator safely in grain industry

Using outdoor bucket lifts whenever possible is not a solution to prevent accidents. To avoid dust explosion in Z type bucket elevator, it is necessary to take careful maintenance, and check the rotating speed and whether the temperature is normal frequently. The maintenance plan recommended by the manufacturer must be carried out faithfully and normally. Safety facilities of Z type bucket elevator shall include external bearing, motion detection, belt alignment, stall rotary switch, replaceable lining and base discharge plate.
1. In order to avoid the material accumulation in the head and base of the equipment, the correct discharging angle shall be kept in the discharging area;
2. Replaceable lining is used to prevent excessive wear on the housing;
3. Using gravity tension to keep the belt running at optimum tension at all times;
4. The feeding area shall keep dry. Moisture causes corrosion and even structural defects that allow dust and materials to escape;
5. Make sure that Z type bucket elevator has been installed according to the requirements of the signage, equipment without the safety signage is a potential danger;
z type bucket elevator
6. The two barrels of z type bucket elevator shall be fixed on the same component to maintain the vertical alignment;
7. In the head or bottom wheel, there should be one wheel with taper and hub, otherwise the wheel will leave the center line and cause the belt to run off;
8. The engine base should have the discharge board, and which should be opened once a week to prevent the material accumulation in the engine base;
9. Maintain correct height of dustpan, the dustpan with wrong position cannot clean the engine base thoroughly and will cause the blocking of engine base;
10. Shovel cleaning bucket can prevent workers from disconnecting the slip pipe or having to use hoses for cleaning, and the inspection window should be installed the fence;
11. The magnets should be installed to prevent metal sheets from floating around inside the barrel;
12. The large observation door should be arranged on the barrel containing the bearing branch and unloaded branch respectively, which is to examine and replace of the dustpan;
13. The double body housing can reduce the internal volume, thus reducing the dust in the air;
14. Hammer joint is adopted in the flange connection of the barrel. If each section of the barrel cannot be straightened smoothly and correctly, the steel plate should be hammered out to avoid hooking the belt or dustpan;
15. The profile of the hand cover must be correct in order to guide the discharge of the material. The flat part of the cover will cause the material to rebound and return, exerting unnecessary pressure on Z type bucket elevator;
16. The profile of the spinner must be correct in order to guide the discharge of the material. The flat part of the hood will cause the material to rebound and return, exerting unnecessary pressure on Z type bucket elevator;
17. The head wheel is mounted with a non-slip sleeve for greater traction and easy replacement;
18. Adopt open - hole dustpan to ensure complete unloading;
19. Make sure the belt is really suitable for local temperature and humidity conditions
20. Check for cuts or cracks on the belt and make sure it works reliably;
21. In the first few months of operation of new Z type bucket elevator, maintaining the correct tension is important for safety;
22. Make sure the shield is in place and the safety signs are visible and not damaged;
23. In the case that half of the triangle belt is missing, Z type bucket elevator can still run;
24. Complete the detailed list in the supplier's service manual;
25. Hire a consultant or security expert if necessary. 
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