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Time:Nov 21st, 2022

Development And Motion Simulation Of a New Type Mineral Sizers

On the basis of the traditional crusher, a new type of mineral sizers is developed, the working mechanism, structure and technical characteristics of the crusher are introduced, and the three-dimensional software Pro/E is used for three-dimensional modeling and motion simulation. Through the simulation of the mechanism, the design of the product is optimized, the development cycle of the product is shortened, and the reliability of the product is improved.
1.The new type of mineral sizer is composed of frame, lining plate, crushing roll, jaw body, driving device, moving jaw buffer device and so on. When the crushing material enters the crushing chamber through the feeding port of the crusher, the smaller material meeting the particle size requirements is directly leaked between the two roller teeth and the gap between the liner plate to achieve preliminary screening, while the bulk material is first subjected to the shearing and tearing action of the crushing teeth on the liner plate and the crushing roller to achieve "first level crushing"; If the pre-crushed material cannot be bitten by the teeth of the two-toothed roller, the teeth of the two-toothed roller will slide along the surface of the material, and the spiral arrangement of the teeth will force the material to turn over and wait for the next pair of teeth to continue to act. In most cases, the space volume contained by the two pairs of roller teeth will gradually decrease from large to large under the action of "volume compression principle". The material with large particle size is forced to achieve "secondary crushing" due to the gradual reduction of the containing volume, and then the space of the two teeth is restored, and the broken material is forced out or directly leaked by the current pair of roller teeth (from the gap of the roller teeth); Individual materials with large particle size will be blocked by the large tooth roller and fall onto the jaw plate. When the jaw plate moves close to the small tooth roller, the materials on the jaw plate will be squeezed by the jaw plate and the roller teeth on the small crushing roller, realizing the "three-level crushing". Finally produce meet the particle size requirements of the object from the discharge port forced discharge. At this point, the crushing process of a pair of roller teeth is over. How many teeth on each pair of ring teeth, tooth roller rotation a week to experience several times such a crushing process, recycling, constantly realize the crushing of materials.
mineral sizers tooth roller
(1)The motor of the power transmission system transmits the power to the reducer through the torque limiting hydraulic coupling. After deceleration, the two toothed rollers are respectively driven for continuous rolling movement towards each other. The input shaft of the reducer is connected with the hydraulic coupling by involute spline, and the output shaft is connected with the gear roller on the case by split-type gear coupling.
(2)The frame of traditional crusher is usually made of cast steel or cast iron. The casting process is complex, and casting defects are prone to affect the strength of the frame. The frame is a steel plate welded structural parts, composed of three parts: upper, middle and lower, which can limit the crushing force generated during the crushing in the chassis, and the dynamic load to the foundation is small. Through optimization design, the chassis has high strength, light weight, compact structure, short manufacturing cycle, easy installation, disassembly and maintenance, but high weld quality requirements.
(3)The lining plate (comb tooth plate) is assembled on the front wall of the case. The materials with small particle size are firstly screened through the gap leakage between the lining plate and the small tooth roller. At the same time, the relative motion of the lining plate and the roller teeth can realize the pre-crushing of large materials. Surfacing wear-resistant material on the liner to improve the service life of the liner.
(4)Mineral sizer adopts two crusher rollers of different sizes and different speeds to move each other to achieve crushing work, and the two rollers are installed in parallel in the box. The tooth roll is one of the key easy to wear parts on the tooth roll crusher, which requires both wear resistance and toughness. Its quality directly affects the service life and production efficiency of the crusher. The tooth roller shaft is made of high quality carbon steel and is equipped with a number of high manganese steel precision cast crushing tooth rings. The big and small toothed rollers adopt different power systems, and they roll opposite each other, and the small toothed rollers rotate slightly faster than the big toothed rollers. The practice proves that this differential mode is more conducive to the shear and tensile crushing of materials.
(5)Tooth ring tooth ring on the roller shaft is connected with the shaft by a high strength key
(6)The teeth of the tooth ring are inlaid with a tooth sleeve and fixed with bolts. In the working process of the crusher, the gear sleeve can be directly replaced according to the wear degree of the gear sleeve in the crushing process, which reduces the maintenance cost, and avoids the waste of maintenance time due to the disassembling gear roller surfacing wear-resistant materials on the teeth after the traditional breaking teeth wear, so as to win the production time for the enterprise and improve the efficiency.
(7)Moving jaw The structure is composed of four linkage mechanisms. Connected to the big tooth roller shaft and the frame, the big tooth roller is an eccentric shaft. When rotating, it drives the moving jaw to realize eccentric movement and extrude the material. The material is crushed by the extrusion of the jaw body and the tooth roller in the crushing chamber. The matrix of the jaw body is made of medium carbon alloy steel (with good impact resistance), and the surface of the jaw plate is tempered with ZG35. A layer of high-quality wear-resistant material is surfacing on the working surface and tooth surface of the tooth plate, which can be surfacing again after wear.
(7) Moving jaw buffer device The device imposes enough pressing force on the jaw body through the compression spring to resist the reaction force generated when the material is broken. Once some unbreakable materials enter the crushing chamber, the jaw body is overloaded with crushing force and forces the compression spring to move outwardly and horizontally to increase the gap between the tooth roll and the jaw body. Make the unbreakable material pass through the crushing section, avoid the damage of parts and the stuffy car caused by the tooth roller or jaw body being stuck, and reduce the chance of motor burning. When the unbreakable material is discharged, the horizontal force caused by the overloading crushing force will disappear. Under the action of the pressing spring, the jaw body will return to its original position, the gap between the tooth roller and the jaw plate will return to normal, and the crushing work of normal particle size will continue.
(8) Roller carrier The mineral sizers has a moderate volume and a roller is installed at the bottom of the frame, which can move in a straight line along the guide rail fixed on the foundation. When the main engine is in the working position, the roller bracket at the roller and the guide rail are bolted together, so that the frame and the foundation are fixed together: when the main engine needs to move without lifting equipment, the bolt connecting the roller bracket and the guide rail can be removed to make the whole main engine move along the guide rail.
Compared with similar products at home and abroad, the new mineral sizer is different in the following aspects:
(1) With double functions of screening and crushing, the two teeth roller shaft is fixed, and their relative motion is like a rotating screen. The material meeting the particle size requirements is firstly screened by the tooth roller or the gap between the tooth roller and the lining plate, so as to avoid the re-crushing of that part of the material through the roller teeth, which not only reduces the over-crushing rate and energy consumption of the material, but also reduces the crushing time of the roller teeth. Prolong the service life. At the same time, the differential speed of the tooth roller is moved towards each other, which has better shear and tensile crushing effect. The movement of the roller teeth also makes the material be forced out after crushing, not easy to produce congestion, so it is also suitable for viscous materials and materials with high water content.
(2) The two-tooth roller is not equal circle, non-meshing, non-constant speed operation
This feature greatly increases the shear crushing effect of ore and reduces the clogging phenomenon of toothed roller crusher at home and abroad.
(3) The use of double overload protection (1) moment-limiting hydraulic coupling on the one hand absorbs the impact force generated when broken to make the machine run smoothly, on the other hand, and plays a safety protection role for the whole machine, once the equipment is stuck or overloaded inside. The hydraulic coupling will automatically cut off the power transmission, so that the motor idling, so as to protect the motor and the large and small toothed roller; (2) The machine is equipped with a moving jaw buffer device, when the tooth roller due to crushing force overload will force the compression spring radial horizontal outward to increase the gap between the tooth roller and the jaw plate, the tooth roller and the jaw body at the same time play a protective role.
(4) The tooth roller is equipped with a broken tooth ring, and the tooth ring is inlaid with a tooth sleeve and fixed with bolts. When the wear of the tooth sleeve in the crushing process reaches a certain degree, it can be replaced individually, which is fast, thus reducing the downtime and reducing the production cost.
(5) With reasonable structure and long service life, the mineral sizers crushing roller teeth are arranged with special spiral, which is convenient for discharging the materials that meet the requirements of particle size, and reduces the number of teeth that are under force at the same time, which is conducive to crushing large materials. At the same time, the double function of tooth roller, lining plate and jaw body can realize the crushing of materials, reduce the workload of tooth, improve the crushing efficiency and extend the service time of the whole machine.

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