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Time:Sep 19th, 2022

Frequently asked questions about mineral sizers

Why should I use a Mineral Sizers over a Jaw Crusher, Gyratory Crusher or Impactor?
A Mineral Sizer offers a more effective means for crushing clay-ridden sticky material, eliminating the need for recirculation of oversized material as produced by Jaws, Gyratories or Impactors. Mineral Sizers have a lower capital cost than other primary crushers as well as a lower infrastructure/structural cost. 
mineral sizers for coal
Do I have to use the breaker bar in my Mineral Sizer?
No, but the benefits of using the breaker bar are twofold. The breaker bar eliminates slabby material from escaping the machine, and it can deliver a higher ratio of reduction. 
Do I have to remove the shaft from the Mineral Sizer to replace the crushing hammers?
No, the Mineral Sizers roll shafts are designed so that the wear segments and wear hammers can be easily removed and replaced without having to remove the roll shaft. 
What makes EXCT’s Mineral Sizer different than other mineral sizers on the market?
With decades of experience in minerals processing and designing direct-drive crushing sizers for these industries, EXCT developed the Mineral Sizer with ease of maintenance and operation in mind. EXCT’s Mineral Sizer includes many thoughtfully designed features, including a removable and adjustable breaker bar; tramming system and locating pins for moving the sizer out of the feed stream into the maintenance position; easily removable wear segments, hammers, roll shafts and wear liners; and more. 
Backed by lifetime local service and support, EXCT Mineral Sizers is a lower-cost primary crushing option for the reduction of hard rock and soft, non-coal minerals, as well as a secondary crushing option for rare earth and battery minerals. 
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