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Time:Oct 27th, 2022

Model Analysis of Banana Screen

At present, there are many researches on large-scale vibrating screen in China. Some of these researches have done modal analysis on the banana screen, and obtained the natural frequencies and vibration modes of each order, while others have done structural strength analysis and dynamic stress analysis, and strengthened and optimized the structure. These results provide a basis for the improvement of the vibrating screen. Banana screen is composed of vibration exciter, screen box and elastic elements. The exciting force of banana-shaped linear vibrating screen is obtained by double unbalanced vibration exciter rotating synchronously in different directions.This article will focus on the model analysis of banana sieve:
banana screen for gold powder
1.Geometric structure and material characteristics of banana screen
The banana screen is 9.117m long, 4.9m wide and 3.49m high, and its structure is mainly composed of side plates, upper and lower crossbeams, main beams, front and rear spring lugs, U-shaped reinforcing plates, rear baffles and supporting angle steel, among which both side plates are whole steel plates, and other components are riveted and welded by thin plates. The whole screen box is fixed with the foundation by 26 springs through the front and rear spring lugs. The material of each structural part of the screen is Q235, with elastic modulus E=2x101Pa, Poisson's ratio u=0.3 and mass density p=7.85? 03Kg/m3.The vertical spring stiffness k, =214.6N/mm, and the horizontal spring stiffness k。=0.9254N/mm.
2.Finite element calculation model
The structure of banana screen is complex, and there are many technological holes and chamfers on the structure. Because they only affect the local stiffness, they have little impact on the overall calculation accuracy, so they are ignored in modeling. The vibrating screen box is composed of thin plates. If the three-dimensional element is discretized, the number of nodes can only be increased to ensure the quality of the element, and the calculation cost is very high, so the plate-shell element is adopted. Rivet Timoshenko beam element is used to simulate, and MPC multi-point constraint method is used to treat the joint of the two elements. As for the vibration exciter and eccentric mass, its stiffness is much higher than that of the vibrating screen box, so it is regarded as a concentrated mass, which is simulated by mass element, and the spring is simulated by spring element. After the whole structure is discretized, there are 103,810 nodes and 117,117 units, including 844 beam units, 26 spring units and 1 mass unit.
The above is the model analysis of banana screen. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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