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Time:May 31st, 2022

Some Suggestions on Type Selection of Steel Apron Feeders

 Steel apron feeders are a kind of conveying equipment for conveying large material size, bulk proportion with large conveying capacity.It can been divided into light, medium and heavy type. If the model is small, it will not reach the processing capacity and even can not bear the pressure from the material or hopper, but if bigger model will cause a waste of equipment resources, therefore, it is very important to choose the right model, the following are some suggestions on the selection of plate feeder:
1.For the material transportation which material particles size is smaller, usually below 100mm, conveying capacity below 50 tons per hour, usually choose light type steel apron feeders, apron feeder chain pitch is 200mm plate chain, can greatly save equipment investment cost.
2.For the material transportation which material conveying particles size below 300mm,conveying capacity smaller than 250 tons per hour. It is recommended to choose medium type apron feeder, medium type steel apron feeders pan plate thickness is generally in 10-14mm, the larger the material particles, the selection of pan plate thickness will be a little thicker.
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3.For the material transportation which conveying material particles size is bigger than 500mm, steel apron feeders to bear larger silo pressure, conveying capacity in 400 tons per hour, it is recommended to choose heavy type apron feeder, apron feeder pan plate thickness in more than 16mm, chain pitch has 203,216,228 three specifications.
4.For the material transportation which conveying material with large moisture content of viscous materials, such as laterite nickel ore, need to use a new type of apron feeder.
Apron feeders are designed to feed material at a desired handling capacity to downstream equipment. The conveyed material is on many overlapping pans attached to multiple strands of a heavy tractor crawler-type chain.Above are the suggestions for the type selection for apron feeder.Welcome to contact us if you have any questions.
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