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Time:Sep 27th, 2022

The development course and detailed introduction of banana screen in China

China is rich in coal resources, with many reserves and a wide variety. Coal accounts for more than 75% of China's energy, and is the most important energy source in China today and in the next few decades. With the increasing degree of coal mining mechanization in China, the coal content has increased, the moisture of raw coal has increased, and the quality of coal produced has deteriorated. In China's proposed clean coal production strategy, coal washing is the leading, so the development of coal washing and processing industry is an important measure to improve the quality of coal.
banana screen for aggregate
Our banana screen is developed on the basis of the bow|into foreign technology. In the past 20 years, we have achieved some promising results in the research of vibrating screen. Sieve large-scale has made - . Some achievements. In the conventional dewatering, desmear sieve, the development of new dry screening equipment. In coal slurry classification and dewatering, curved screen, high-frequency vibrating screen and electromagnetic vibration fine screen have been developed: in the screen surface has also made promising achievements, the development of polyurethane, ultra-high score polyethylene and other non-metallic screen surface and multi-layer screen mesh.
(1)Dry Banana Screen Equipment
Dry screening includes coal coarse and medium and fine grains and sieving, because the feed material only has natural moisture and in the air. Therefore, it is called dry screening. In recent years, the development of dry screening technology is concentrated in the field of depth screening. Because of its simple process, avoiding the complex coal sludge water problems, and therefore attracted the attention of various parties, the
(2)Banana Screen
The banana screen is a single machine to achieve equal thickness screening equipment, it has the characteristics of continuous material layer, compact structure and low maintenance. Its main structure is to make the screen surface folded line (such as Figure 1-1), from the figure we can see the entire screen surface with three inclination, the material into the large inclination screen surface when the movement speed up to 2.0-4.0m / s, into the material end of the material layer height reduced to the usual screening 1/4- 1/5, small particles settle speed 3-4 times faster. At the same time, a large amount of incoming material with high content of small particles is transported to the middle part of the screen surface, so that the situation of insufficient supply of small particles on the screen surface by the usual screening is improved. The improvement of the supply of material on the screen surface enhances the permeability of the screen holes. The average permeability of the screen holes reaches 80% of the permeability of the screen holes when the screen is thicker than the screen, so that the processing capacity of the screen is increased by 2.5 times.
As the banana screen has. The above structural characteristics, so that the screening process is enhanced, the first and middle section of the screen machine plays a role in making the material stratification as soon as possible, which should also make the first section into the material as soon as possible to the middle section, the end plays a role in checking the screening; and the first section of the high speed material flow of the thick screen can remove the adhesion of pulverized coal, thus playing a role in cleaning the screen surface, so the thick screen effectively promotes the development of depth screening theory.
1.3 Summary of this chapter
This chapter mainly introduces the development status of domestic and foreign banana screen. At present, China's banana screen product structure performance is still relatively backward. Therefore, the future should give priority to the development of large and excellent models; explore new screening theory, the development of new screening machine; development of large, heavy, extra heavy screening equipment, limit production and eliminate the low production efficiency, design obsolete old products
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