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Time:Aug 17th, 2022

Why do belt conveyors use conveyor cover

Belt conveyor is a friction-driven machine that transports materials in a continuous manner. It is mainly composed of frame, conveyor belt, rollers, rollers, tensing device, transmission device. Conveyor cover and so on. It can form a kind of material conveying process between the initial supply point and the final discharge point on a certain conveying line. It can convey both scattered materials and finished goods. In addition to pure material conveying, it can also be combined with the requirements of the processes in the production process of various industrial enterprises.
belt conveyor covers
When conveying bulk materials, open-air belt conveyors require cover to protect the conveyed materials from rain and environmental pollution caused by the dust generated during operation. One of the shortcomings of the existing belt conveyor hood is that it is a one-piece structure, so when the belt conveyor needs to be repaired, it can only be accessed from both ends, which is troublesome to operate; the other is that the hood does not have vibration damping performance, so it is easily damaged when it is impacted by heavy rain or hail, which affects the effect of waterproofing and preventing dust from escaping. The hood of belt conveyor is a combined structure, consisting of several arched
conveyor cover connected by arched hoses, the arched cover are welded at both ends with arched end plates for fixing the arched hoses, the lower end of the arched cover are provided with a projection extending into the fixed bar seat, the fixed bar seat is provided with a movable slot, and the bottom surface of the movable slot is fixed with a row of vibration damping springs for supporting the projection. The hood of the belt machine is made of impact resistant color steel tiles bent. The arched end plates are fixed vertically to the two ends of the inner side of the arched hood by welding. The hood has a T-shaped structure with a convex head. Its fixed bar seat is connected to the integrated structure. When the belt conveyor needs to be repaired, only the nearby arched hood can be dismantled, which is easy and time-consuming to repair. It is also easy to replace the partial arch-shaped cover when it is damaged, so that the whole body does not need to be disassembled. When the arched hood body is impacted by heavy rain or hail, the shock spring can be used to convert the impact force into the shock energy of the shock spring in time, and in this way the service life of the hood is extended.
The belt
conveyor cover can effectively avoid the dust of the conveyed material, avoid the loss of material, also can avoid the pollution of the material conveyed by the external environment, and also can ensure the safety of the repair and maintenance personnel, so we have to add the hood to the indoor and outdoor belt conveyor.

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