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Time:Aug 15th, 2022

Processing of Mineral sizers with tooth breaking plate

Mineral sizers are mainly composed of a gear box, a frame where the breaking plate with teeth is the main part of the fixed stick, a fixed roller, a movable roller and a linkage device. The teeth breaking plate is in direct contact with the ore, which requires a high hardness of the teeth breaking plate. Therefore, the breaking plate with teeth is made of chromium-containing high manganese steel, and is treated with water toughness after casting.
Since the Mineral sizers fixed rollers are rotating constantly during operation, the fixed rollers allow a small permissible eccentricity, so the roller core must be tested for static balance. In order to ensure that the breaking plate with teeth and spare parts can still ensure the static balance after installation, the weight difference of the breaking plate with teeth must not be more than 1kg, so the breaking plate with teeth must be machined. Because the hardness is too high, the heat is too big when the tool is cutting, if not timely heat dissipation will make the tool anneal. Affect the processing, so the speed of the equipment is very low when processing. The general processing method is gantry milling machine, the Mineral sizers breaking plate (referred to as the tooth plate) four corners of the pad up, so that the tooth tip of the tooth plate does not touch the bed, four corners and then four pressure plate pressure, and then processing, because the tooth plate pressure plate at the processing can not, so after processing, the remaining surface (pressure plate pressure at) need to tamper pressure plate, the remaining part of the continued processing, because the tooth plate hardness, tool Because of the hardness of the tooth plate, the tool speed cannot be too fast, so the processing period is especially long, and the tooth plate is the key part of the whole equipment, the loss is large, and the quantity demand is large, so this ordinary processing method can not meet the needs of production. To improve the processing efficiency of the tooth plate, that is, to ensure the processing quality, but also to improve the processing efficiency has become a key point, we start from these two points, the processing method to improve to solve this problem.
mineral sizers for coal
This processing method is mainly to solve the problem of loading the Mineral sizers tooth plate, that is, to facilitate the righting, but also to make it load the card once the processing is completed, without repeated loading card, in order to better improve the processing efficiency, combined with the existing equipment, we choose the double column milling for processing, so that our processing efficiency will be greatly improved. From the above two points, we design the tire tool as a symmetrical device, so as to ensure that this tire tool can be used on the double column milling, the rest we solve is the problem of loading, that is, to be able to mount stable, but also to make it easy to find the right, so we will be designed to mount the surface of the same curved surface with the curved surface of the tooth plate, and in the following design there is a hook groove, this hook groove is used to catch the lower end of the tooth plate, this hook groove is strictly in accordance with the lower end of the tooth plate This hook slot is strictly designed according to the prototype of the lower end of the tooth plate, so that the tooth plate is well mounted on the device. When processing, the device needs to be fixed on the bed, we choose the device with key block under the bed, the key block and the bed groove, and then three bolts to fix the device, fixed tooth plate, need to use a pressure plate, in order to ensure that the pressure plate pressure after the two pieces of tooth plate, two pieces of tooth plate does not rise to the sides, we designed the pressure plate is the two ends of the slope pressure plate, so that in the pressure, there will be two to the middle of the pressure force, so as to ensure that the At the same time, we use the bolts of the fixing device to fix the plate, which eliminates the need for multiple bolts and makes the use of the tire tool less cumbersome.
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