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Time:Aug 11th, 2022

What should we pay attention to when the rain cover of belt conveyor is general used

Now many factories and workshops will use belt conveyor , and some are used in outdoor equipment to be eroded by rain for a long time, but some of belt conveyor have already been installed conveyor cover, because of the help of this tool, avoid many equipments damage. Although this kind of product is installed in the outdoor application, but it is also limited by the service life, in order to increase its service life , we need to seriously maintain the conveyor cover in our daily work. So what do we have to pay attention to when we use it in general?
belt conveyor covers

(1) In order to increase the service life of products to a large extent, we need to seriously maintain the conveyor cover of belt conveyor in daily work, and clean it on time.

(2) We need to install it in accordance with the requirements, can not be randomly installed, and the model specifications of conveyor cover correspond with and the conveyor belt.

(3) During the installation and application of the conveyor cover of belt conveyor, heavy objects are not allowed to be placed on it. During the installation and daily application, it is not allowed to stomp the conveyor cover.

(4) The bearing capacity of the product is limited, and the pressure of heavy objects may cause damage to it, thereby affecting its service life.
The above points are the matters to be paid attention to when we usually use the conveyor cover. We pay attention to the above points in the application to increase the service life of the equipment.

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