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Time:Aug 10th, 2022

What is The Function of Frequency Converter On Speed Control of Apron Feeder

Generally ,Apron feeders can been divided into heavy, medium and light type, it is the commonly used feed mill equipment,Widely used in mining, processing plant, chemical industry, cement, building materials and other departments,Used for uniform continuous feeding from storage bin to crushing, transportation and other machinery. It can be installed horizontally or sloped, with a maximum upward Angle of 20 degrees.In general, Apron feeders equipped with frequency converter, if there is no frequency converter, due to the linear velocity of Apron feeders system can not be adjusted, when a surplus of feeding, can only be used by stopping the motor to stop feeding, such control brings certain difficulty to feed capacity, especially in rainy weather, viscous material, Motor heavy load start and stop frequently, the motor and transmission system impact is larger. In addition, interval feeding is not easy to control the uniformity of feeding, and has a greater impact on the particle size of crushing discharge, so it is difficult to meet the production requirements.
What is The Function of Frequency Converter On Speed Control of Apron Feeder
Using frequency conversion speed regulation technology to control the speed of the apron feeders, that is, according to the principle of N= 60F (1-S)/P, to achieve the speed control of the AC motor. According to the requirements to the company to choose different brand of inverter, general inverter can not only control the motor speed system, but also can provide enough torque output, frequency converter has the direct torque control technology, thus changing the traditional vector inverter control mode, under the condition of zero speed without the need for speed feedback can achieve full torque output torque characteristic. Frequency converter has the advantages of fast dynamic response, stable and controllable. In addition, the converter can also provide a full range of protection of motor, and included in the over voltage, over current, lack of phase, and the motor locked-rotor and temperature conditions to provide protection, at the same time also can realize motor soft start, so make the equipment running smoothly, so as to prolong the service life of equipment, the corresponding can reduce vibration, shock and noise, provide a good working environment, etc.
Therefore,frequency converter have a big effect on the operation of apron feeder. After choosing an appropriate frequency converter, it can generally achieve wide speed regulating range, no impact damage and significant power saving effect when the motor starts of the apron feeders.
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