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Time:Sep 30th, 2018

Craftsman Quality - EXCT Vibrating Feeder

In the 21st century, the domestic vibration feeding technology can be said to be very mature. The vibrating feeders produced are comparable to those imported from abroad. Also the types of the vibrating feeders on the market are various. EXCT introduces new products, draws on the advantages of the previous generation of vibration feeding, and combines the actual production needs of customers to create a new generation of vibrating feeders.
From the research and development of equipment, to the selection of materials, workmanship, EXCT is more ingenious and dedicated, to create a new generation of vibrating feeders that are more advantageous and more in line with user needs.
vibrating feeder
1. Simple and reliable structure, strong rigidity, impact resistance, stable operation.
2. Steady vibration, wide working surface, convenient discharge and long service life.
3. Special fence design to prevent material blockage, and the fence is adjustable.
4. Low noise, few energy consumption, well-performance transport capacity.
Just relying on the quality, but the price of vibrating feeder is too high, it will also make the user discouraged. For this, we are also fully considered, equipment pricing is in line with "reasonable, fair, low-profit", etc., the market price is more affordable, it is the user's consumption of equipment.
For the after-sales of the vibrating feeder, users can rest assured that the “one-year warranty” is primary, and the manufacturer can provide users with a complete set of one-stop services such as “free on-site installation, commissioning”, “on-site guidance operation”, “lifetime warranty, replacement of parts”. Let you buy value for money.
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