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Time:Mar 31st, 2022

Characteristics of overland belt conveyor

Overland belt conveyor is mainly used for the transport of bulk materials and varies greatly in its design and application depending on the different location, working environment and type of material to be transported. It can not only be used for continuous conveying of materials, but can also be combined with other existing equipment in the factory to form a large scale fully automated production process,and make the enterprises to save a lot of labour costs.
So what are the characteristics and advantages of overland belt conveyor? We have summarized the following characteristics for you:
1.Wide range of conveying materials conveyed
The conveying material can range from fine powders to large pieces of ore, stone, coal or pulp wood, as well as conveying fine sieves or small droplets of friable material. Due to the high corrosion resistance of rubber conveyor belts, maintenance costs are relatively low when transporting strongly corrosion resistance or abrasive materials. Overland belt conveyors can also transport alkaline and hot materials of a certain temperature and can also transport items in blocks.
2.Wide range of conveying capacity
The conveying capacity of overland belt conveyors can meet the required conveying tasks. There are light belt conveyors that can complete the conveying task with a small conveying capacity, and there are also large belt conveyors that can achieve the task of conveying thousands or even tens of thousands of tons per hour.
Characteristics of overland belt conveyor
3.High adaptability of conveyor routes
Overland belt conveyor can adapt to terrain with slopes of 30% to 35%, whereas for truck transport, they can only adapt to pristine natural terrain with slopes of 6% to 8%. Conveyor system can be adapted to the terrain, bending in space and horizontally, reducing capital investment and avoiding the disturbance of factories or other populated areas by railways, roads, rivers and mountains. So it has a more flexible conveyor line and the length of the line can be extended as required.
4.Flexible loading and unloading
The material can be received flexibly from one or more points according to the requirements of the process, and can also be unloaded to multiple points or sections.
5. Low cost
Of all the tools used to transport bulk materials, overland belt conveyor systems for transporting bulk materials usually require lower man-hours and energy consumption per ton. Moreover,the maintenance personnel spend lest time,and the repair and replacement of smaller parts can be done quickly on site with low maintenance cost.
Overland belt conveyor is the main way of bulk material transportation at present, can be widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, electric power, food processing and other industrial fields, in coal mines, metal mines, iron and steel enterprises, ports, cement plants and other places can see a large number of belt conveyor applications.
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