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Time:Mar 29th, 2022

Operation steps of the secondary sizer crusher

The secondary sizer crusher, also known as the 2PLS crusher,belongs to the type of double roller machine.the shape of the roller surface can be divided into coarse and fine toothed rolls, which can be adjusted according to the size of the material required for the production,this kind of machine is suitable for brittle and soft material.
Operation steps of the secondary sizer crusher
Operation steps to start up the secondary sizer crusher.
1. Check that all parts are complete and in good condition.
2.Check whether the safety device, lighting and signal are in good condition.
3 .Check whether the amount of oil injection is enough, the amount of oil should be appropriate, the quality of oil should be clean, and keep good lubrication.
4 .Check that there are no foreign objects in the machine.
5.Check whether the buffer device is flexible and reliable, whether the load pin is in good condition, and whether the dust proof and spray device is working.
6. The machine must be started with no load.
7.After receiving the start signal, start the material receiving equipment first, then start the machine, after the current drops to the normal value, put it into official operation, and spray dust proof at the same time.
8 Always check whether the motor and bearing temperature is normal, whether the current indication is within the required range, whether the crusher operation sound is abnormal, and if accidents and hidden dangers are found, stop immediately and send an emergency stop signal to the dispatching central control room and relevant posts.
9.It is strictly forbidden to open the observation hole during production to prevent material from flying out and injuring people.
10.Check whether the material particle size meets the requirements, and report and deal with any serious oversized particles in time.
11.When the stop signal is received, stop feeding to the machine; stop only after the crushing material has been emptied, stop dust spraying device at the same time and send a stop signal to the relevant posts.
12. Accidental stopping should also be started after the material has been removed.
13. Check and maintain the equipment after stopping.

The secondary sizer crusher mainly adopts special wear-resistant toothed roller rotating at high speed to split and crush materials (traditional sizer crusher adopts low speed extrusion crushing), forming a high productivity mechanism. The secondary sizer crusher is suitable for sintered ore, coal, cement, silicate, glass, ceramics and other industries. It is suitable for crushing brittle materials below medium hardness and is mainly used for medium and fine crushing of ores.
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