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Time:Apr 19th, 2022

How to Design Long Distance Belt Conveyor Reasonably?

Due to the characteristics of cement and mining industry production, raw material mines are often far away from the main production area. With the maturity of the long distance belt conveyor mechanism manufacturing technology and design concept, a few kilometers, more than ten kilometers or even dozens of kilometers of belt conveyor were used in cement plant more and more. Belt conveyor suitable for conveying materials is very wide, cement plant in limestone, raw coal, clinker, sandstone, clay and other massive materials can almost be transported by belt conveyor.

Long distance belt conveyor’s design should be combined with the terrain, driven device, take-up device and reasonable layout of other main parts, not only to ensure the normal operation of equipment and take into account the needs of power supply and distribution, maintenance, this is the focus and difficulty of the design work.

How to Design Long Distance Belt Conveyor Reasonably

1. Overall layout

Because the belt conveyor with long distance and outside the production area, the terrain is complex, inevitably cause a lot of unexpected difficulties, process arrangement. Therefore, process arrangement long belt is an important step in the design of the long distance belt conveyor, it directly affect the investment cost, construction difficulty and the operation and maintenance later.  

2. Driven device layout

The driving device of long distance belt conveyor and ordinary belt conveyor are very different, ordinary belt conveyor generally adopt single drive, low voltage motor, head pulley as driving drum.Long distance belt conveyor general adopt double drive or multi drive, and most of the high voltage motor.

3. Take-up device

The function of the take-up device is to tighten the conveyor belt, so that it has the working tension required to ensure normal operation, and also compensate the elastic elongation of the conveyor belt. The take-up device of the long distance belt conveyor is mainly determined by the different force caused by the belt and the layout of the surrounding space. There are many kinds of choices. The position of the take-up device in the long distance belt conveyor is generally close to the driving drum, so that the reaction time is short and the take-up effect is excellent.

The design of long distance belt conveyor is a complex system engineering, involving more aspects.This paper mainly introduces the content of the process layout of long distance belt conveyor, in the specific force calculation needs to be combined with the site situation carefully analysis. 

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