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Time:Apr 14th, 2022

Precautions in the use of sizer crusher

The sizer crusher is suitable for crushing brittle materials below medium hardness, mainly for medium and fine crushing of ores in the industries of sintered ore, coal, cement, silicate, glass and ceramics. What are the matters to be noted when using the sizer crusher? The following points of attention are conducive to better maintenance of the equipment.
Precautions in the use of sizer crusher

1. The sizer crusher should be checked frequently during operation. When abnormal sound or bearing temperature is higher than 700℃, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, and the machine should be started only after the fault is eliminated.

2. In the normal operation of the machine before adding material, feeding material should be even, should prevent mixed with iron hard objects. Before stopping the machine, you must stop adding material and stop the motor after the material is crushed.

3. After overhauling or adjusting the discharge opening, the rotor should be rotated by human power to confirm that the rotor and other parts do not have friction and jamming and can rotate flexibly before starting the motor.

4. It should always check whether the bearing seat seal is good, bearing seat grease should be filled once a month, every three months should be all cleaned and oil change and replace the oil felt.

5. In checking whether the fasteners are loose, should focus on checking the rotor on both sides of the pressure plate hammer pressure plate screws, to prevent the pressure plate is loose, the ends of the plate hammer exposed rotor body, and the body bump, damage the machine parts.

6. To ensure the safety of the operator and equipment, it is forbidden to carry out repair, adjustment and cleaning work while the machine is in operation, and to open various small doors.

7. When the size of the crushing product is too large, the machine should be stopped to check the wear of the plate hammer to prevent the rotor from being worn out. When the plate hammer is worn out and needs to be adjusted for use again, make sure that each plate hammer is of equal weight and balanced to prevent vibration after the machine is started.

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