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Time:Apr 26th, 2022

How to Reduce Broken Seed Rate of Grain Bucket Elevator During production?

Bucket elevator (belt bucket elevator) is suitable for vertical transportation of loose density ρ < 1.5t/m3 powder, granular, and small block of grinding absorption of small bulk materials, such as food, coal, cement, crushed ore, etc., lifting height is higher than 40m. Grain belt Bucket elevator is a bucket elevator specially used for food lifting machine, it is used as a wheat autumn conveyor food machine, but in the use of grain bucket elevator to transport wheat and corn, there appear the phenomenon of wheat and corn grain seed broken, how should we reduce the broken seed rate of bucket elevator during production? This article will introduce for you:
How to Reduce Broken Seed Rate of Grain Bucket Elevator During production

1. Adopt plastic bucket (polyurethane bucket) for the grain belt bucket elevator, reduce the hardness of bucket, reduce the extrusion and impact in the process of bucket elevator pulling out and unloading.

2. As far as possible to reduce the overflow of seeds bucket elevator hopper, adopt closed deep bucket.Once there is overflow of seeds in the bucket elevator hopper,the seeds will fall down to the base ,the seeds will be easy to broken during fall down and crash in the base.

3. Adopt belt type drive for the grain belt Bucket elevator as far as possible, less chain drive, reduce the link of grain extrusion, in the base part of the arc base, reduce the grain in the base of the residual stock.

Grain belt bucket elevator is a fixed conveying equipment, mainly used for continuous vertical lifting of powder, granular and small lump materials.  It can be widely used in various sizes of feed mills, flour mills, rice mills, oil factories, amylase factories and grain depots, ports and terminals of bulk material upgrading.The above are the solutions to reduce broken seed rate of the Bucket elevator during production, I hope to help you.

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