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Time:Apr 29th, 2022

Causes and Solutions of Hopper falling off of Belt Type Bucket Elevator

Belt type bucket elevator hopper falling off can be said to be a very frustrating thing for users. For the bucket elevator hopper falling off, we summarize several reasons and solutions for you:

Reason 1: Feed too much material

Belt type bucket elevator should been feed uniformly, otherwise easy to lead to the accumulation of materials in the frame, lifting resistance increases, hopper operation is not smooth, and eventually cause hopper fall off.  

Solution: stop immediately, clean up the machine to do the push product of the material, in the feeding aspect, to reduce the feeding amount, and regularly check the hopper and hopper belt connection, should be timely maintenance or replacement if found the screw loose, off and hopper skew, damage and other phenomena.

cCauses and Solutions of Hopper falling off of Belt Type Bucket Elevator

Reason 2:  Hopper feed port is too low

The hopper of the Belt type bucket elevator fills the material from the feed port. If the feed port is too low, the hopper is too late to fill the material, and most of the material enters the machine base, causing the hopper to scoop the material but the material of the bucket elevator is more massive, it is easy to cause the hopper deformation and fall off.

Solution:Adjust the position of feed port to above the center line of the wheel.

Reason 3: The hopper quality is poor

The hopper quality is poor, the material capacity it bear is limited, the large amount of lifting will be unable to bear and fall off.    

Solution: choose qualified hopper, generally speaking, hopper is welded or stamped with ordinary steel plate or galvanized plate, its edge with folding or involved in lead wire to enhance the strength of the hopper.

Reason 4: There is accumulated material in the hopper before starting   

Before starting, the base itself has accumulated material, which mainly occurs in the situation of accidental power failure or shutdown, and the next startup ignores to clean up the accumulated material.  

Solution: before starting the Belt type bucket elevator, Don't forget to clean up the accumulated material next time you boot up.

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