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Time:May 5th, 2022

How to solve the problem of sticky material and poor operation of the industrial bucket elevator

Industrial bucket elevator is widely used, all sizes are designed and manufactured according to actual needs, designed for supporting vertical packaging machine, computerized metering machine, suitable for lifting and loading of food, pharmaceutical, chemical industrial products, screws, nuts and other products, which can be controlled by the signal recognition of the packaging machine to automatically stop and start the machine.
How to solve the problem of sticky material and poor operation of the industrial bucket elevator ?
The industrial bucket elevator lifts some materials with a certain amount of moisture, so that the material is more wet, in the process of being lifted will adhere to the casing and bucket, when discharging will not be clean, resulting in part of the material will be piled up at the bottom of the equipment. Here we sort some solutions to this problem.
First of all, if the material with strong viscosity is lifted, it is necessary to speed up the equipment, increase the motor power and use the centrifugal unloading method, so that the material will not stick to the casing and bucket,and can be discharged smoothly.
In addition, the bucket of the industrial bucket elevator is sparsely arranged,and the running speed is high, the material from the feeding inlet along the chute into the bottom of the machine tail section, and it is easy to form the material accumulation. Bucket at the bottom along with the tail wheel rotation and rotate upward to scoop up the material, in the process of digging, the material at the bottom is squeezed by bucket, forming extrusion crushing. When the bucket is filled with material and rotates again, the material outside the bucket forms friction with the bucket and the oblique guide plate at the tail of the machine to form friction crushing. When the bucket is running to the top part, the material is impacted with the bucket and the threaded part of the bucket bolt head. At the moment of impact, the material is impacted with the high-strength bucket and cut with the tip of the thread, thus forming crushing.
Due to its simple structure, small footprint, low power consumption and large conveying capacity, the industrial bucket elevator is widely used in the bulk material lifting system of electric power, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement, mining and other industries. Industrial bucket elevator is a common vertical lifting equipment, suitable for dry bulk powder material or material vertical lifting.
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