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Time:Jul 6th, 2022

How to Solve The Problem of Too Much Material Return of Industry Bucket Elevator

Industry bucket elevator return too much material, this is caused by in the design process did not take into account the characteristics of the material, the choice of hopper depth or not, speed, etc. Bucket elevator back and we usually say that the concept of back is not the same.Bucket elevator back refers to the material in the unloading position is not completely discharged out of the machine, and part of the material back to the elevator machine seat phenomenon.In the lifting operation, if the bucket elevator returns too much material, it is bound to reduce production efficiency, increase power consumption and material crushing rate. The reasons and solution for the large amount of material return back are as follows:
industry bucket elevator
1.The discharging tongue plate at the nose outlet is not properly installed, and the tongue plate is too far from the discharging position of the bucket, which will cause the material return.
Solution:The position of tongue plate should be adjusted in time to avoid material return back.
2.Bucket running speed too fast, hoist to lift different materials, bucket running speed is different.
Generally, when lifting dry powder and granule, the speed is about 1~2m/s;
When lifting the block material, the speed is 0.4~0.6m/s; When lifting wet powder and granule, the speed is 0.6~0.8m/s.The speed is too large, discharging in advance, resulting in the return material.
Solution: At this time, the speed of the industry bucket elevator should be appropriately reduced according to the material to be promoted, so as to avoid material return back.
Above are the reasons and solution for too much material return back of bucket elevator,if you have any requirement of industry bucket elevator,welcome to feel free to get in touch with us.
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