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Time:Jul 8th, 2022

Tips For Horizontal And Inclined Installation Of Apron Feeders

Mining apron feeders are installed horizontally and tilted for different working conditions. But the wrong choice of installation tilt angle can lead to many problems afterwards.
What should the correct installation look like? There are several key points:
apron feeders for coal
1. In the case of an mining truck (or large electric shovel) discharge, which can be hundreds of tonnes at a time.The small inclination mode will send the discharge pile to the crusher in a near-natural pile, with close to "zero" material being delivered to the feeder during the discharge interval. And because the feeder runs slowly, it can lead to repeated discharges on the first pile, resulting in a superposition of crusher feed peaks and unevenness that should.In theory, be considered significantly to increase the feeder's capacity; A large inclination installation allows the material to be more evenly pumped out to feed.
2. Small inclination installed apron feeders will appear above mentioned trough phenomenon, this phenomenon occurs in the receiving area on the presence of large pieces of material in the original mining. Some materials weighing more than 10 tons, from several meters high direct feeder, the feeder is undoubtedly a harm. And a larger inclination of the feeder can be material according to the higher material / feeder static friction coefficient will be drawn out of the material.The tile higher unstable equilibrium state material is part of the roll back to the feeder receiving area, a longer time can make the apron feedesr has material hit material, which reducing the damage accident.
So the choice of feed inclination will have a significant impact on the use of the semi-continuous process of the crushing plant, the choice of inclination needs to consider the static rest angle of the material.The internal friction angle and the friction coefficient with the heavy plate and other parameters, obtained through calculation. Once chosen, it is very difficult to change it later, so a scientific approach is required.
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