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Time:Jul 12th, 2022

What are the Reasons For Leakage Current of Motor of Banana Screen

Banana screen is mainly composed of screen box, screen frame, screen, vibration motor, motor support device, shock absorption spring, bracket,etc.
motor is one of the most important part for the banana screen.The banana screen’s work is driven by the vibration motor, after the working of vibration motor,the vibration will been transfer to the screen mesh surface.In the use of mechanical equipment can not be separated from the use of the motor, it is an important part of the equipment, but in use, there is often the possibility of leakage, once there is leakage will shorten the life of its use, now this article for you to briefly introduce the main reasons for leakage current:
banana screen
1.In General,there will be damp situation during the using of banana screen. However,it will affect the motor’s using effect once the electrical appliance appears damp. If the motor is damp, you can dry it by wind or dry it by dryer. However,you need to replace it if the situation for it is much too wet.
2. Motor power leakage.The power switch part is very important part in the use of mechanical equipment, sometimes in the use of power switch will lead to the power supply with water, there will be leakage current and power on the motor,therefore,avoid the power and motor touch the water is an important job,
We must pay much attention on it to avoid this situation.
3.Banana screen electric wire’s insulation skin will be aging after a long time of using. Wire aging is prone to been the main reason to cause leakage problem. Therefore,you should check the aging situation of the insulation kin timely,once found there is insulation kin aging problem,You can wrap the insulation kin again or replace the new wire.
4.In general,there is a grounding wire connect to the ground from the local control cabinet.If the grounding wire were not connect the ground well,there also will be occur the situation of current leakage.The solution is check the status of the grounding wire in the local control cabinet well and make sure it was connected to the ground correctly.
The above is the reason for the leakage of banana screen, I hope it can help you.The banana screen produced by our company has high screening efficiency, high precision, high output, good dust and soil prevention effect, and is well received by customers in the market. If you have any need, please feel free to contact us.
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