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Time:Jul 14th, 2022

Why would I recommend the mineral sizers to a traditional crusher

Crusher is usually used in mining, sand aggregate, building materials and other industries. After hundreds of years of development, the crusher has also undergone a huge change, and now the general crusher on the market has cone breaking, impact breaking, jaw crusher and so on. But these breakers had more or less some drawbacks until the invention of the Mineral Sizers, which perfectly solved the problem of handling capacity, high demand, and long downtime for maintenance and replacement parts. That's why I recommend you the Mineral Sizers.
mineral sizers for coal
The mineral sizers have long been around the concept of deforming a material by exerting pressure on it. When the energy absorbed by the deformation is enough to overcome the binding force between the atoms of the material, the interatomic displacement will be produced, which is called lattice displacement on the micro, and fracture on the macro, so as to achieve the purpose of crushing the material. In the historical process of purposeful crushing materials, people have developed a variety of mechanical crushing equipment, such as jaw crusher, rotary crusher, impact crusher and hammer crusher, still use these traditional crushing equipment. The basic theory of fragmentation has not changed.
cone crusher for aggregaate
With the continuous research on material properties and the continuous improvement of testing methods, modern material mechanics science has been gradually established, and people's understanding of material properties and properties has undergone great changes. The mechanical analysis of rock by modern testing technology shows that the rock's ability to bear pressure is much greater than its ability to bear shear force. After testing, the ultimate compressive stress of rock is 6~10 times of the ultimate shear stress and 2~4 times of the ultimate tensile stress. Long since been broken rock extrusion method, rarely adopt a more reasonable method such as tensile, shear, and mineral sizers are designed on the basis of the principle of the shear failure of the rock, that is to say, by applying a shear force to rock rocks under shear force and bending torque produced by the shear stress to make or break a rock was cut out. Another important reason is that most of the rocks themselves have lattice defects and texture defects, which make the rocks easy to fracture along the direction of defect, texture and nodal plane when subjected to shear force. The mineral sizers breakthrough in fragmentation theory gives them a significant performance advantage.
Traditional crushers such as gyratory crushers and jaw crushers are crushed by the impact pressure exerted on the crushed materials when the working parts move. Impact crusher and hammer crusher is to rely on two large diameter sticks on the material extrusion and grinding action and work. Among them, the rotary crusher and jaw crusher must exert a very large crushing force on the material when working, so the machine is bulky, low efficiency and high energy consumption. The roller crusher can not be used for coarse crushing and second crushing operations, because of its limited ability to bite ore, mostly used for fine crushing, low yield, tooth roller surface wear is very serious. Impact crusher and hammer crusher due to high speed rotation, hammer head and striking plate and material high speed impact and produce strong wear. The common disadvantages of the traditional crusher are high energy consumption, low processing capacity, intense wear, and large and bulky body, which limit the development of large-scale.
In terms of process performance, its final product size, shape and powder generation rate are difficult to control. The mineral zers are one to five times more capable of handling ore than conventional crushers, occupying only 1/2 to one-fifth of the area and 1/3 to 1/7 of the equipment height. The replaceable sleeves and tips reduce wear. This series of characteristics gives the mineral sizers numerous advantages.
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