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Time:Jul 19th, 2022

The Mineral sizers tooth plate repair technology is explained in detail

 The Mineral sizers toothed plates, as an important component of the secondary breaker, are critical to the cost of using the breaker. Wear parts as mineral sizers are important to operating costs. Over the years, our company has developed toothed plate restoration technologies that extend the lifetime of the Mineral Sizers and reduce their operating costs.
The Mineral sizers' toothed plates. Often appear in the use of tooth plate wear serious, crushing particle size seriously exceed the standard, plan to buy the spare tooth plate arrival cycle is long. Moreover the tooth plate is expensive. Bring us great pressure on the cost of repair.
Coal Mineral Sizers tooth plate repair
1. The minerla sizers crushing efficiency of the Mineral plates decreases significantly after wear. The dump frequency of the dump dumper in the preparation system has been extended from five minutes to ten minutes. In this way, it will take twice as long to unload the same car. At the same time, the increase of power consumption, equipment failure rate. It not only wastes electricity, but also increases the labor intensity of workers and reduces the service life of equipment.
2. The process requirements can not be met, which not only affects the washing efficiency, but also reduces the product quality. The main equipment of the main washing system is the jig, whose washing granularity is required to be below 50mm. If the size is greater than this limit, it will not get sufficient separation, resulting in cleaned coal loss. In addition, changing the composition of raw coal particle size, affecting the proportion of each product in the total product, can not achieve the best economic benefits.
3. After the mineral sizers plate is worn, large stones or gangue coal bounce repeatedly inside the crusher, impact teeth, and bolts loosen automatically due to vibration. Therefore, maintenance personnel need to tighten the tooth plate twice a week. If the nut is worn, it will bring great trouble to the work, can not complete the maintenance task within the specified time, thus affecting the production.
After many times of surfacing trial, we found the new material, the repaired tooth plate using effect is better than the mouth tooth plate. This new material is the high stress roller wear surfacing electrode. The concept is that high stress roller wear is more intense than low stress abrasive wear. High stress roller wear occurs on a metal surface when a small, hard abrasive particle is pressed against a metal surface and moves in relative motion by a grinding pressure large enough to crush it. This kind of wear usually occurs when two metal surfaces are crushed by abrasive particles under the action of an external force, sometimes called three-body wear. Surfaces with high stress roller wear often show obvious scratches or damage marks.
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