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Time:Apr 27th, 2021

Installation and Maintenance of Sizer Crusher

1 Working principle and structure of the Sizers Crusher
1.1 Working principle. The main working parts of this machine are two rollers mounted parallel to each other on two horizontal shafts. After the material enters the crushing chamber and is crushed by the roller, it enters the receiving hopper through the gap between the two rollers, and the discharging granularity can be changed by adjusting the gap size.
1.2 Structure. The broken roller often is composed of box cover, box body, roller, transmission mechanism, gap regulating mechanism, spring pressing mechanism and base. The box cover mainly includes box cover, feed hopper, feed hopper insert board and splint, etc. The feeding hopper insert board is used to control the size of the feeding port to control the feeding speed; The splint is used to control the flow of materials.
(2) Both sides of the box body are provided with a spring pressing mechanism and a clearance adjust mechanism , and two rollers are provided in the body.
(3) The roll. The active roller includes drive shaft, roller, belt wheel, bearing, bearing seat with groove at the bottom and sprocket, etc. One end of the drive shaft is installed with a belt wheel and the other end is installed with a sprocket, and the middle roller is fixed on the machine base by the bearing seat. The driven shaft (sub-shaft) is provided with a roller between the sprockets.
(4) Transmission mechanism. It mainly includes motor, belt wheel, sprocket and intermediate sprocket (tensioning wheel).
(5) Clearance adjusting mechanism. The mechanism consists of hand wheel, adjusting bolt, locking nut and sliding screw, and is installed on the right part of the guide keyway at the bottom of the active roll bearing seat. Rotating the hand wheel can make the active roller slide along the guide strider and change the gap between the L rollers.
(6) Spring compaction mechanism. The mechanism is composed of a pressing spring, a spring seat, an adjusting screw and a locking nut.
Sizers Crusher
2. Installation and maintenance of double Sizers Crusher
2.1 Installation and inspection
(1) The machine should be installed horizontally on the foundation of concrete and fixed firmly with anchor bolts; The machine shall be padded on the concrete foundation with hardwood boards or other vibration mitigating materials to reduce vibration and noise.
(2) Check whether the fasteners are firm. If they are loose, they should be tightened.
(3) Open the tape cover, check whether the transmission tape is good, if there is damage, replace in time. Wipe away grease on tape and tape wheel. At the same time, check and adjust the tension of the tape. The tensioning degree of the tape is to press down the tensioning edge of the tape with your finger, and the deflection is suitable for mm-20mm.
(4) Open the chain box and check whether the sprocket symmetry center line is in the same plane. At the same time, check the tension of the sprocket. If it is necessary to adjust, loosen the fixing bolt of the intermediate sprocket first, and then move the intermediate wheel to the proper place of tension.
(5) Check and adjust the spring pressing mechanism. First loosen the locking nut on the adjusting bolt, and then turn the adjusting bolt with a wrench to make the spring have a certain pressure on the bearing seat of the driven roll. The pressure is determined according to the requirements of the crushing size, and then tighten the locking nut.
(6) Check and adjust the roll gap. Loosen the locking nut of the adjusting mechanism first, and rotate the two hand wheels with both hands to make the active roll bearing seat move along the guide key until the clearance meets the requirements, and then tighten the nut.
2.2 Maintenance
(1) Before each use, open the box cover, clean the crushing chamber, and then close the cover tightly.
(2) When the machine is started, it should be started under no load and run smoothly before crushing; When it is shutdown, stop feeding and wait for all materials in the machine to be broken.
(3) In the operation of the machine, if there is any abnormal situation, such as material blocking between the rollers, high bearing temperature (requirements below 35 ℃, the highest temperature should be below 70℃) and abnormal noise, to immediately stop and find out the cause continuing to work after troubleshooting.
(4) Applying frequently lubricating oil to bearings, chains and other parts to be lubricated. When replacing the grease, clean the bearing with clean gasoline or kerosene.
(5) Always keep the machine clean. Wipe off the oil and dust on the machine in time after each use, and remove the residue in the crushing chamber.
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