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Time:Jun 25th, 2022

The Features of Feeder Breaker

The feeder breaker is usually used in open pit coal mines, which makes the coal flow evenly on the scraper conveyor and breaks the coal into the required size, thus increasing open pit production.The main structure of the passing crusher consists of two parts: 1. Entrance frame and 2. Chassis. The inlet frame is the receiving end of the frame, wherein the coal is fed by a dump truck through a hopper. The lower bracket forms the driving end of the conveyor. The crushing hammer of the crusher is installed in the center, and the crushed coal is discharged from the top of the chassis to the downstream equipment.
feeder breaker for coal
The features of the feeder breaker as following:
1.Feeder breaker is equipped with automatic centralized lubrication system to ensure normal and trouble-free operation.
2.The layout of the
feeder breaker is reasonable, it can directly feed by the truck, saving the feed hopper and apron feeder needed by other types of crusher, while reducing or completely eliminating the excavation and concrete work, greatly reducing the initial cost.
3.Materials are crushed, not pressed, so less fine powder is produced.
4.High production efficiency, the whole feeder breaker runs smoothly and efficiently to ensure accurate and high capacity material output.
5.The length of the upper and lower horizontal sections can be customized according to the actual needs of the site.
feeder breaker is an integral part of the material handling system, which can reliably and continuously pulverize and decompose various materials for accurate measurement, including coal, potash, gypsum, graphite and limestone, etc. If you have any demand, please contact us.
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