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Time:Jun 18th, 2022

What is the Function of Lubrication System in Mineral Sizers

Lubrication system can be divided into five kinds, namely circulation lubrication system, centralized lubrication system, spray lubrication system, oil and splash lubrication system, oil and grease of the full loss lubrication system, the lubrication system on the mineral sizers is usually centralized automatic lubrication system. Automatic lubrication system is a major part of mineral sizers, that his main role is what, this article will introduce you to the lubrication system on the role of mineral sizers.
mineral sizers in coal industry
1. Principle of automatic lubrication system:
Automatic lubrication system is composed of time controller, pressure regulating valve, solenoid valve, grease dry oil pump, automatic lubricator, oil filling pipeline and so on. Grease lubrication is mainly based on fixed time cycle, timing lubrication. The working process for the time controller in accordance with the preset time cycle output 24V DC, so as to control the solenoid valve also periodically to provide power to the dry oil pump. Thus complete the process of oil suction and pumping, output high pressure grease, so that the system to establish enough oil pressure; The high pressure oil enters each lubrication point through each automatic lubricating oiler according to the pre-adjusted quantitative lubricating oil to complete automatic oiling. When the dry oil pump does not work, the unloading valve opens to relieve the pressure of the oil injection pipeline, so that the piston of the automatic lubricating oiler is reset and ready for the next refueling.
2.Lubrication, oil can make moving parts form oil film contact, reduce friction resistance and power loss, and reduce the wear of parts, can effectively prolong the service life of mineral sizers.
3. Cooling effect, using the fluidity of the oil, take away part of the heat of the engine parts, prevent the parts from overheating and burning, so as to protect the components
4. Cleaning effect, circulating flow of oil, the engine in the work of grinding metal particles, dust inhaled from the atmosphere and solid substances generated by fuel combustion away, prevent the formation of abrasive between parts and aggravate wear;
5. Sealing effect, using the viscosity of oil, so that the oil is attached to the surface of moving parts, improve the sealing effect of parts, reduce air leakage;
6. Rust prevention, lubricating oil film adsorption on the metal surface, air and water separated, rust prevention and corrosion prevention.
Above are the function of the lubrication system in the using of mineral sizers.
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