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Time:Jun 15th, 2022

Why have feeder breaker become the crusher of choice in coal

Feeder breaker and feeder/sizers are both used as primary crushing options in run-of-mine coal crushing operations, however there are a number of reasons why the feeder breaker has become the ROM crusher of choice in coal.
The feeder breaker is a feeder and crusher in one compact, low-profile, horizontal unit. While a feeder/sizer arrangement uses two different pieces of equipment for the same function, requiring additional structure and civil.
The feeder breaker has a number of advantages over a feeder sizer arrangement, including lower capital and infrastructure costs. Because the feeder breaker has a feeder and crusher in the same horizontal plane, there is no need to raise the hopper and therefore ROM dump wall up by an additional three or more meters, or to make the feeder excessively long and angled because it does not need to feed into a primary sizer chute.
coal feeder breaker
Similarly, operational, maintenance and running costs are lower when selecting a feeder breaker over a feeder sizer combination. These cost reductions result from its smaller vertical and horizontal footprint as no primary sizer structure, access platform or maintenance area required.  Feeder breakers also offer reduced power and have less moving parts, along with reduced spare part crushing component costs when compared to a primary sizer.
It are also able to adjust product size by raising or lowering the crushing head, unlike a fixed centre sizer which cannot be adjusted in this way. The crushing picks used in a feeder breaker are designed to selectively crush coal and rock in a shear, taking advantage of coal’s weaknesses, cleats and fracture planes, unlike a primary sizer with its block faced tooth profile.
When a feeder and sizer option is used the feeder in most cases would have to be longer and angled to accommodate the sizer it has to feed. Lost hopper capacity would also be an issue as it would need to be longer to accommodate the sizer, resulting in a longer chain with its own additional costs.
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