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Time:Jun 7th, 2022

Find the screening advantage of banana screen for you

The banana screen, with the word "screen" in its name, is naturally a type of screen equipment. But it is not for screen bananas, but a new type of screen equipment for the mining industry, which can be sieved dry or wet and can replace the work of our conventional inclined and horizontal. It has a special shape and can be used to classify large and medium-sized materials with a relatively high content of fines (particles with a diameter of less than half the size of the sieve hole), as well as in dewatering, demineralisation and desliming operations.
banana screen for copper
The screening capacity is relatively strong, covers an area of small. Which are suitable for screening sintered ore, coal, limestone, crushed stone, metal and non-metal ores and other materials. It very popular in metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemical industry and other industries. What are the screening advantages of banana screen, we have summarised the following three points:
1. Wide range of work
The banana screen can be used for both dry and wet screening, particle size classification and also for desliming, dewatering, desmearing, compared with traditional screening equipment. The screening capacity is enhanced without upgrading the footprint, and is now being vigorously promoted in large coal and mineral processing plants.
2. High efficiency
The banana screen has a steep entrance slope, to offset this slope, the screen surface is equipped with shovel-shaped streamline slits. These slits can be quickly screened for fine particles, the unit processing capacity can reach twice the traditional screen surface, especially suitable for raw coal containing a large number of fine particles screening.
3. Stable working capacity
The banana screen has advanced design, high manufacturing level, no welding on the side plates, frame structure on the cross beam and oscillator beam, high strength of the whole machine, smooth running, small deflection, low noise, and low chance of failure, saving much time for maintenance.
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