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Time:Jun 6th, 2022

What is the superiority of mineral sizers in structure and performance

Its simple structure, reliable operation and low cost are very widely used.
It is the most commonly used mineral sizers, whose crushing mechanism is a pair of cylindrical rolls mounted horizontally on the frame parallel to each other. The material is added to the feed box and falls on top of the rolls. The material is pulled between the rolls by the friction on the surface of the rolls. The material is crushed by the extrusion of the rollers. The crushed material is pushed out by the rollers and discharged downward. Therefore, the machine is a continuous operation, and has the role of forced discharge, crushing the sticky wet material is not blocked.
mineral sizers for coal industry
The mineral sizers has obvious superiority in structure and performance. Mainly, the overall structure is simple, compact and light weight. The motor and the main machine of it could be arranged side by side, so the floor space is reduced, and the motor can be installed left and right according to the needs of the equipment arrangement.
All gears can be combined into one box, so the whole machine is compact. Therefore, the weight of the mineral sizers is only about half of that of other with the same production capacity. The transmission system is simple and easy to adjust, and can be protected perfectly. In summary, the following points can be summarized:
1.Simple structure, easy maintenance;
2.Small size and light weight;
3.Large production capacity, low energy consumption;
4.The working force is internal force, which creates conditions for simplifying the foundation design and is more suitable for mobile crushing plant;
5.The product size is uniform;
6.Safety protection is reliable;
7.It can be started directly under special circumstances, and the impact on the power grid is very small.
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