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Time:Oct 7th, 2021

This is the Best Way to Use the Heavy Duty Apron Feeder

The high-performance Heavy Duty apron feeder is widely used in the mining, metallurgy, power, coal, etc. industries. Due to its strong feeding capacity, it can withstand the direct impact of massive lump materials and offers stable performance. Materials in a horizontal or inclined direction (the largest conveyor incline angle upwards is 25 °), usually also transport finished goods within the assembly line. , it can handle heavier and larger grains with robust abrasion capacity compared to other continuous conveyors. This instrumentation is mainly used for negative pressure positions of containers and hoppers, it is also suitable for conveying materials with completely different roughness and different bulk density evenly and endlessly within a short distance through different types of crushing, sieving, and conveying devices, especially for the first crushing section. It is not only suitable for treating coarse material, but the fine material is also unstable to changes in particle size, composition, temperature, viscosity, frost, rain and snow influence or frozen material amount evenly, correct and reliable feed, ruler, and structural properties
Apron Feeder
The heavy deck loader is driven by a motor that drives the sprocket shaft rotates through the clutch and the reduction gear through the sprocket tooth that meshes with the shaft of the chain pin, pull the chainplate to make the continuous linear movement, the chainplate is driven by the Support wheel and the frame-mounted sprocket supported and through the adjustment of the tensioning device to ensure correct engagement of the chain and sprocket to achieve the goal of transporting and feeding materials. The heavy Heavy Duty apron feeder mainly consists of the tip wheel assembly, tail wheel assembly, rotary body, chain support wheel, intermediate support wheel, roller, frame, hatch, nose cover, actuator, and various components. Above is the entire introduction to heavy-duty pallet handling. If you would like to know more about Heavy-duty Heavy Duty apron feeders , please leave your question for me in the mailbox of our websites.
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