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Time:Sep 1st, 2022

What are the advantages of bearing and bearing house on EXCT mineral sizer

Mineral sizers is a new generation of environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving type crusher independently developed by our company. Mineral sizer is suitable for coal, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries, the coarse and intermediate crushing of brittle massive materials, because the machine uses the crushing principle of shear and tensile, and the use of optimized tooth shape and microalloyed high chromium iron material, can be broken material strength below 200Mpa brittle rock. The crusher has a series of advantages such as high crushing strength, large capacity, low energy consumption and long life of wearing parts, especially suitable for coal, electric power, chemical industry and other industries. Raw coal can be broken directly after iron and impurity removal without picking gangue, which can simplify the process of coal crushing and reduce the construction investment and production cost of mines and power plants. This article will introduce the advantages of bearing and bearing house on our mineral sizer:
mineral sizers
1.SKF imported brand wide clearance self-adjusting roller bearings are selected for mineral sizers roller bearings, which can eliminate the problems caused by different cores in a certain range. This type of bearings are special for coal mine machinery and equipment, with strong wear resistance, good heat resistance and good corrosion resistance. The lubrication form of bearings is centralized automatic lubrication. The equipment is equipped with suitable grease before leaving the factory. Bearing seat adopts double labyrinth seal, no grease leakage phenomenon, bearing long service life.
2.The tail of the mineral sizers gear roller is equipped with synchronous gear, which is connected with the roller shaft by the expansion sleeve to ensure that the crushing tooth occlusion position on the double roller has a relatively stable effect. For large materials, it can be forced to break and ensure the material granularity.
3.Using bearing speed sensor and temperature measuring device and PLC programming controller to monitor the working state of the equipment,
A) When the boring car occurs, the motor can be manually reversed, automatically blocked material back out, to prevent the material stuck.
B) When the bearing temperature is too high, the automatic alarm:
C)PLC programming controller can realize remote control, that is, the operation of the mineral sizer can be monitored in the general control room.
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