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Time:Sep 5th, 2022

How to replace the apron feeders chains and what are the precautions we should noticed

As a traction component of the apron feeders, the chains plays an intuitive and important role in the normal use of the equipment . As a common spare part, the use of the equipment also has a service life, so after the service life of the chains need to be replaced, so what are the considerations for the replacement of the apron feeder? The following are detailed explanation:
apron feeder mining
1. Empty the material in the silo.
2. Power off the central control, hang up the sign, lock to machine side control.
3.Dismantle the lower slot pan (remove the middle slot plate and chain coupling bolt, then loosen the adjacent two slot pan and chain coupling bolt, then remove the adjacent C slot pan and chain anti-coupling bolt, and so on).
The Apron Feeders tap the driving device, turn the loose groove plate to the top of the tail pulley and take it off, then tap the driving device, turn the second groove plate to the top of the tail wheel and take it off, and disassemble the upper groove pan in the same way as the second step, and so on, until the disassembly is finished. Then check the wear of the groove plate and the flexibility of the carrier wheel.
4. Loosen the tensioning device and fix the chain at the tail pulley.
5. Use the hoist to cover the end of the lower chain and pull the hoist
6 Replace the chain.
7. Put the chain on the apron feeders tail wheel and pull the hoist with the hoist over the front end of the chain, and pull the front end of the chain to the head pulley.
Put on the chain pin, put on the pin clip, put on the bolt and tighten the tightening device, put on the slotted plate from the tail wheel and put on the bolt.
Put on the slotted pan from the tail wheel to the chain, put on the bolt and tighten it properly by hand.
9. Clean up the site and test run the machine.
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