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Time:Sep 2nd, 2022

What are the practical advantages and features of apron feeders

In the production of coal gangue sintered brick, apron feeders is widely used in the raw material transportation and preparation system. It is characterized by high transportation pressure and uniform feeding. It can also be fed by adding motor frequency converter, so as to realize the stepless control of feeding amount. However, after years of use, it is found that the stability of the apron feeders needs to be improved, which is manifested in the deformation of the loading plate and the bearing shaft under the impact of the material, which can cause mechanical accidents. Therefore, we makes a preliminary discussion on the apron feeders.
apron feeder mining
1. Introduction of apron feeders
apron feeders is a material transport equipment, the main components are motor, reducer, driving wheel, guide wheel, load plate, bearing shaft, trough, chain plate and other parts. When loaded with material manger, through the motor, reducer, driving wheel, chain plate, guide wheel device such as a driver and cycle load material plate, the bearing axis, thus promote the material transportation, reprinted quantificationally by frequency conversion feeding control, the size of the particle size of quantificationally control can also be done by adding grid plate above the manger.
2.Discussion on the stability of apron feeders has been widely used in the production of coal stone sintered brick, and its application effect has been recognized. But apron feeders also has shortcomings, specific performance is the load plate, bearing shaft in the load process is prone to impact deformation, the wider the larger the deformation of the feeder is more obvious. The mechanical failure of the load plate and the support shaft occurs frequently after the serious deformation, which brings some influence to the production. At the same time, it is difficult to deal with the accident when the groove is full of materials. The only way to solve this problem is to replace the loading plate and the bearing shaft regularly, which is bound to increase the capital investment of the enterprise.
3. Discussion on the improvement of apron feeders design the apron feeders board and the bearing shaft are seriously deformed by the material impact, which leads to the mechanical failure. The main reason is that the bearing plate and the bearing shaft are stressed, and the middle part of the bearing plate lacks the supporting device. In order to reduce mechanical accidents and reduce enterprise capital investment, so that the apron feeders plays its due role, it is necessary to make the support device design of the middle part of the loading plate, so the we make the following improvements after careful research and analysis. Firstly, a support wheel is added to the middle part of the loading plate, Secondly, the guide rails and load-bearing beams are installed in the frame of the feeder to improve the assembly drawing. After adding the support wheel in the loading plate, through the guide rails and bearing beams installed in the frame of the feeder, the impact force in the middle of the loading plate is offset to prevent its deformation, which can ensure the stability of the equipment, so as to reduce the possibility of mechanical accidents.
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