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Time:May 21st, 2022

What are the considerations in the field application of clay mineral sizer

Clay mineral sizers is suitable for brittle materials with low and medium hardness, such as clay, coal,slag, sintered ore, cement, silicate, glass, ceramics and other industries, mainly used for medium and fine crushing of ores with energy saving and environmental protection, high efficiency and other characteristics.
So what are the considerations in the field application of clay mineral sizer? Below we have compiled some matters that need special attention for you.
The use of machinery is usually not as simple as you think, first of all, we must do a good job of preparation before starting the machine:
A. Check whether the connection of each part is fastened, whether the base is fully padded around and whether the foot bolt is fastened.
B. Check whether the lubricating part is in good lubrication condition.
C. Check whether there is material or debris in the machine bin, if there is, it should be cleaned up in time. Make sure that there is no material in the machine bin and the machine is not abnormal before starting the machine.
mineral sizer for clay
When ready, start the clay 
mineral sizers:
 After checking that all parts of the machine and the matched belt conveyor are normal, turn on the discharge belt conveyor first, start the sizer under no load and run it for about three minutes to check whether the transmission system and other related parts are normal. If abnormal condition is found, stop the machine immediately, find out the reason and eliminate it before restarting.
A.The rotation direction of the motor must conform to the steering sign.
B.When this clay mineral sizer is running normally, you can feed the test material only after starting the feeding belt conveyor. Make the load gradually increase from small to full load operation.
C.Adding material must be continuously and evenly distributed over the whole length of the rolls, and check regularly whether the discharge outlet is blocked.
In the whole production process we should pay attention not to make mistakes, and at the same time to protect their personal safety, specific points to pay attention to:
A.In the production process,it is necessary to install the corresponding magnetic separator before this clay mineral sizer and strengthen the iron removal work of the feeding,iron and other non-broken materials falling into mineral sizers chamber will seriously damage this machine and cause shutdown accidents.
B.Attention should be paid to safety during the operation of sizer,especially when the larger size material enter the crushing chamber,more likely to have the larger pieces of material jump out from the crushing chamber and injure people.
C.When encountering the blockage problem of viscous materials,we must not carry out any dredging work in the process of operation,but to do shutdown and deal with this problem.
D.It should not make the machine overload operation,should always pay attention to the electrical instrument.
E.Bearing lubricating oil should be timely,and there should be no oil leakage in the bearing.
F.The temperature rise of the bearing shall not exceed 30℃,and the highest temperature shall not exceed 70℃
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