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Time:May 17th, 2022

The reasons for the poor lubrication effect of limestone mineral sizers

Good lubrication is an important factor to ensure the normal production of equipment and reduce the wear and tear of limestone mineral sizers equipment. However, due to the influence of certain factors, may cause limestone mineral sizer lubrication failure, this article mainly introduces the factors affecting the lubrication effect of limestone mineral sizer.
I. Equipment load size
When it working, the limestone mineral sizers pressure of the equipment crushing material is transferred to the sliding friction between the parts, so that the parts are subjected to a certain impact pressure, the greater the load of the equipment, the greater the impact pressure on the parts. When the speed and lubrication state is certain, the heat generated between the parts and the load is proportional to the relationship between the increasing heat caused by the increase in the surface temperature of the equipment parts, thus affecting the lubrication effect of the equipment.

2.The high speed of rotation
In the working process of limestone mineral sizer , the higher its working speed, the higher the relative sliding speed between the parts. In the case of other conditions remain unchanged, the generated heat increases in proportion to the speed, so the excessive heat will reduce the lubrication effect of the equipment.
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3. The size of the contact area
The larger the contact area of the sizer, the relatively less heat generated per unit area, while the small contact area will cause high temperature and serious deterioration of the local lubrication of machine

4.The lubrication method
The role of lubrication is to form a layer of oil film on the surface of the friction vice, dry friction for semi-dry friction or liquid friction, reducing the sliding friction coefficient so that to reduce the wear of equipment components. The use of pressure cycle lubrication method, will generate heat away, avoid high temperature to reduce the viscosity of the lubricating fluid.And oil flow through the friction to the surface can also take away the abrasive, can improve the lubrication effect of limestone mineral sizers .
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